Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Splash Pad...Fun?

Desiree and I took the babes over to the Irvine Spectrum yesterday to let them play in the splash pad.  I thought for sure Charlotte would be in heaven.  I have taken her to things like this before and she loved it.  Regardless, she just likes to crawl around no matter where she is.  Well, this was a complete FAIL!  She was scared of all the kids, when usually she loves other kids.  She didn't want to get wet, when she usually loves to get wet!  Ugh!  What a bummer.  Ethan wanted to run away and Ellie just wanted to drink her smoothy!  Such a little princess ;)  Maybe they are all just a little too young to ONLY be at a splash pad.  
Sporting her Rainbows!
Ethan and Charlotte...no she isn't walking yet :(
Ethan...I'm sure getting ready to bolt!
Ellie and her smoothy.  Healthy girl!
She just didn't want to get wet or take a picture!

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