Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

This weekend has been so relaxing! Josh was off Friday and we have spent the last three days just hanging around the house with an occasional trip out!

Friday we ran some errands in the morning and then shopping at the outlets and tried a new restaurant, Mac's BBQ. Charlotte was quite the hit at Michael Kors. She is a girly girl to the extreme!

The employees got a kick out of giving Charlotte the smallest purse.

Saturday we tried to watch General Conference. Twice a year, the leaders of our church speak to us. This year it happened to be Easter weekend which made it more special. I say tried because trying to watch four hours of TV that isn't Disney Junior is not going to fly with Charlotte! (Not that she watches four hours, but you know what I mean!) She kept asking us to play or go outside...anything but sit and watch our "show." Luckily, we recorded it and it gets published to read! 

In between sessions, we tried another new restaurant, Mellow Mushroom. The best pizza we've had since being in Charlotte! 

Sunday was of course was Easter.  I got up early (big surprise) and set out all the Easter bunny goodies. 

I also started putting together our Easter brunch. Something I don't normally do, but wanted to make today more special. 

I told Charlotte she couldn't see what the Easter bunny brought until daddy was awake. So she put on her ears and hopped into his room. It was pretty cute! 

Once he was up, we all went downstairs, opened baskets, ate and then talked about Easter! 

The night before I had seen a Facebook post from a friend who was a litte confused with why we celebrate Easter...Jesus Christ or Easter baskets? She talked about how her and her husband didn't give their children Easter baskets because they wanted to concentrate on why we celebrate Easter. I thought it was a great point to bring up and I wanted to refrain from posting pictures that distracted about what Easter is all about. I commented and said that I am guilty of doing baskets. I do like the tradition but I had also been thinking all week before how I'm going to talk to Charlotte about Easter.   Of course I have been trying to explain already but wanted something different on Sunday.  She is so young but it has to start sometime!!  Luckily the "Friend" had a great little Easter activity that I pulled out and put together. We read the description and had her match the picture. She did all of them perfectly! 

In between conference sessions, we went to the park to enjoy then ice weather. We have been spoiled by these amazing sunny days! Charlotte loved the swings a lot these days and then we went on a walk on s trail around the park. It was perfect!

We came back and again, tried to watch Conference. Today was more successful ;) After GC, I cleaned up (all the chocolate wrappers) and Easter decorations. Back to the grind on Monday and hitting the after Easter sale at Target!! 

I couldn't help but snap a photo of her first Barbies ;)

Right before I started taking Easter decorations down.