Friday, September 6, 2013

East Coast Trip Part 3: Boston

Real quick before I forget, we drove to Yale with Josh's dad, Rick, to check out the campus.  Little did I know this trip would become a college tour, but it was so cool to see the architecture of different schools besides BYU.  I haven't really been to many college campuses, so it's always fun for me.  I felt like I was at Hogwarts the entire time we walked around.  Most of the buildings were very castle-like.  The campus life seems so fun,  I told Charlotte has to go there so we can live vicariously through her!  We took a tour and the best part was the video in the visitors center.  It was basically "High School Musical" telling us all about the school.  Yes, the students broke out in song!  Anyway, here are a couple pictures of our time on campus.

Day 1 of Boston

We went for two days.  It was the first time we left Charlotte overnight.  It was not as hard as I thought it would be, mostly because she was with Eve and they had a ball together!!  We left early in the morning (8/27) and it took an extra hour due to a bad accident!  After four hours, we finally arrived, parked the car and started through Boston Yard.
Parked right next to "Cheers"
Boston Yard
 Once we figured out where we were, we started the Freedom Trail.  There literally is a line on the cement that takes you to every stop you need to go.  It's a self-guided tour (my favorite) with this seal at each stop.

Here are some of the stops I thought were blog worthy (aka interesting to others).

State House
Boston Massacre site
Cemetery where a lot of famous, historical people are buried
Market with street performers, vendors, and great food!
A city view
Where the Celtics play ;)
Faneuil Hall
Mike's Pastry on the North End

Where Paul Revere lived
That evening, we went to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.  It was so much more fun than I thought it would be.  My hubby went all out, with tickets, food and bought me a new shirt!  We wanted to get Charlotte a souvenir, so we got the ice cream in a helmet and gave her the helmet!  So generous! 


Day 2 of Boston

The next day we started our day off with Dunkin' Donut (they are everywhere in the as much as Starbucks).  Then we headed back into the city, bought tickets to tour Fenway Park and headed to lunch with Josh's uncle, Scott.  We ate at the cutest deli/bakery called, "Flour." Afterward, we walked around a bit before heading back to our tour.  There is a Boston Tea Party museum.  We didn't want to pay, so we just walked around. 
Then we headed back to Fenway Park for the tour.  It was very interesting with a native Bostonian giving the tour.  Josh had taken the tour before but said it was a bit different.  At some parts, it seemed like a museum.  So much history was there and I love that I could do something that Josh loved!  It's great sharing memories like this together.  Here are some pictures from the tour.


The Green Monster wasn't there the last time Josh was at Fenway
View of the whole stadium from the Green Monster

Another view from the Green Monster
We just can't get away from Disney

Championship Rings


When we finished up with the tour, we headed over to Cambridge to tour our next Ivy League school, Harvard. Again, it was so cool.  Different than Yale, more brick and less castle.  We walked around the shops, went to the Coop, ate dinner at Tasty Burger and Sweet and walked up to the river. By this time I was missing my Charlotte...a lot!!

On our way home, we stopped and met Scott and Crystal's family...finally!  I have now met all of the Whitmores!!  It was a great two-day trip to take with Josh.  I'm glad we did it, but driving in Boston...I hope I never have to do it again!! 

Next up....Lake Canandaigua!


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  1. I need to go to Boston so badly!! You're trip looks amazing (minus seeing The Garden... Boo Celtics!) and I'm glad you guys had such a great time!