Saturday, July 31, 2010

Internship 2010

A few months ago, I sort of jumped the gun with looking into internships for my major (Community Health). The first one I applied for was called, "Welcome Baby." It is done through the United Way of Utah. I went for a group interview and a couple days later, they called to let me know I got the position! I was...and still am...stoked about this internship. Basically, what it does, is help new mothers care for their newborn babies. There is a whole team that works with this project. I am hoping that I get to be in charge of the blog :) I will be doing this for 10 hours a week starting August 30, and then finish up the rest of my hours next semester. I need a total of 325 hours. I will also be keeping my part-time job at the same time. I will be sooooooo busy this Fall semester, but it will be great to be so productive and involved with various things.

As of Josh's internship, we are still trying to decide where we would like to live after school. The Accounting program really likes to put pressure on you by having you choose where you want to live two years in advance. We will most likely need to decide around September/October. Wish us luck!

Everything for us seems to be going so great right now and we truly have been blessed. I am sure Heavenly Father will direct us to the perfect place for the two of us.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Yesterday I went in for surgery to fix my pacemaker leeds (wires). Josh and I arrived at the hospital at 8:00 am and proceeded with all my pre-op tests. The worst part for me going to the hospital is getting the IV. This time I told them they had one shot to get it in, so they better call someone that will do just that. They called the PICC team. They came up and (through mine and Josh's tears) numbed my arm and put the IV in. It never gets any better. Poor Josh was such a trooper through the whole thing. It was hard for him, being the first surgery to go through with me, but he did great!!! I am so lucky to have him as my husband. I walked myself into my own operating room. The last thing I remember is the nurses putting on all the stickers. Then waking up and asking for my husband. Josh said the first thing I said to him was, "I'm cold." Of course I don't remember that, but I am not surprised. My dad eventually came up to the hospital and stayed a good majority of the time with us. After he left, we got ready for bed, took a sponge bath, and well....never fell asleep. Actually Josh, fell right asleep. He had the nicest fold out couch I have ever seen in a hospital room...the ONLY fold out couch I have ever seen in a hospital room!! I did not fall asleep ONCE! I was too worried about my left arm and not moving it. Every time the nurse came in we would just talk cause I couldn't fall asleep. She didn't even realize Josh and I were married, but said it all made sense once she found out. lol. In the morning, we got all ready, did checkout and were gone by 10:30 am. When we got home, Tahnee came over and washed my hair which felt so great. Then we took my dad and Tahnee out to In-N-Out for helping us out. My TOMS wedges finally came and we ordered our iPhone's!! It's nice to just be home finally.

My grandma Shelia also had a great surgery and is recovering at home. I am so glad that she is doing well and she was able to be treated fast.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pioneer Day

Yesterday was Pioneer Day in Utah. It's pretty much as big as 4th of July. To celebrate the pioneers we went up to Salt Lake and watched the huge parade which was very fun. I couldn't believe how many people were there! Afterward, we met up with Megan, Corey and Issac Dabb at "This is the Place" park. This is where Brigham Young told the pioneers where they would be settling (for good) and said, "This is the place." How ironic. We had so much fun with the Dabb's. Issac just loved everything about the park. Although it was very hot, we were able to enjoy ourselves. We went in general stores, ate at the only restaurant, watched parades, took a train ride around the whole park, and listened to a band. Of course I mainly took pictures of Issac. Just getting practice for when I will be a mom!

When Josh and I got back home, we decided to go over to Seven Peaks to cool off. We got there at 6:00 and left at 7:00...oh the joys of a season pass and living next door! Later that night, we went and saw Iron Man 2. I feel right asleep (shock) and woke up about half-way through. From what I saw, I have to admit, was entertaining. We came home to a house full of girls. Josh's cousins, Jill and Jen, were staying the night and Meg (Josh's sister) was also here and spent the night as well. They are all leaving for the dude ranch today. I am so sad that we can't go. If you have not heard yet, I am having surgery this coming Friday to, basically, re-route my pacemaker wires. Josh and I are both nervous, that is normal, but it should be totally fine. I have to spend the night to make sure everything is working well. I will keep everyone informed on how I am doing post-surgery. Back to the post though: Pioneer day was so busy and so fun! We are glad to have great friends to share holidays with. We are always looking for new things to do...any suggestions?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Little Behind on Blogging

Just wanted to post some pictures of what has been going on lately.
Hung out with the Whitmore cousins

Went to Kasey's Utah Bridal Shower
Had my family come up this past weekend and stay with Josh and me. It was so much fun. We had the babies stay in our bedroom and brought them into bed each morning. Josh loved it and I feel like we really bonded with them. We were able to go to Seven Peaks water park, Stadium of Fire, Josh and I taught our first Gospel Doctrine lesson, and on Monday took Annie to Lagoon. It was a busy long weekend, but so much fun!!