Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mother's Day

We were fortunate enough to have both of our moms in town over Mother's Day weekend.  On Sunday, we started with celebrating Eve and all went to the Cracker Barrell before everyone drove back home.  It was fun to spend some time just with the Whitmores.  And Cracker Barrell is ALWAYS a good idea. ;)

When we got home, we celebrated with my mom and siblings.  We gave her our cards and gifts.  Charlotte gave me a gift as well.  Something I've wanted for a while but didn't know if I'd have another baby.  I got two stacking rings with Charlotte and Naomi's name engraved on them.  I love them!!  This was also Naomi's first time to church.  We only stayed for the first hour because GERMS!  The primary children sang to all the moms so I didn't want to miss that!  For some reason, Josh had saved us seats smack dab in the middle of the congregation.  I was up a few times with both girls and it was rather embarrassing.  But I guess makes for an eventful Sacrament meeting.  Charlotte was the only one doing all the motions the chorister was doing to help the kids remember the words.  Haha.  It was cute.  

After church we had a chicken alfredo meal, one of my mom's favorite dishes, and I had ordered her a bundt cake.  It was a relaxing day overall...just what my mom wants anyway.  

I love this holiday because not only does it celebrate "moms" but it celebrates all women.  All women are naturally nurturing and to some capacity have helped in motherly ways to someone else, I believe.  I love being a mom to Charlotte and Naomi.  There is nothing that has ever been more or even equally rewarding.  I am grateful to my mom and all the sacrifice she has made for me and my siblings.  Living across the country is not easy for her situation and she always makes time for me and comes to visit me and my family.  We love when she comes.  It's always a party and always exciting.  I am so glad I got to celebrate with her in person this year!!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The night of the baby blessing, we all went to the Charlotte Knights baseball team downtown.  The first 2,000 women received a baseball with pink stitching, that included us!  It was so hot when we first got there, and of course, our seats were in the sun, but it finally cooled off.  We ate some hot dogs (because it's not a complete without hot dogs) and walked around the stadium.  It's a smaller minor league team.  We have gone to these games when we lived in Charlotte before and hope to go to more this summer.  We all had fun, until the Knights weren't scoring and our car ended up leaving early.  

Naomi's Baby Blessing

As Latter-Day Saints, we bless infants and announce their name that they will be known throughout their life.  This is known as a blessing.  Josh performed this special blessing and she was blessed in the same dress Charlotte was.  This dress was made by Grandma Sheila from my wedding dress.  It is one of my most favorite possessions.  I love it so much.  The slip has both of their names and the blessing date embroidered on it.  

For this special occassion, we had several family members fly and drive into town.  We felt so much love, especially for our precious baby girl.  For most of our siblings, this was their first time meeting Miss Naomi.  

I probably sound like a broken record, but I really am so grateful for my family.  I take pride in my strong family relationships.  I feel like they take a lot of love and nurturing and I try to put my soul into that.  Relationships matter to me above anything else in this world.  Now that I have created my own family, I want to teach my girls by example just how important the family unit is.  Knowing that our families will perpetuate beyond the grave and that we can be an eternal family brings so much comfort to me.  I am grateful for the fulness of the Gospel that has been restored to the earth.  For the Priesthood Power, for my daughters to have the opportunity to be given these beautiful blessings as an infant, to set expectations how to live their life at such a young age and to be entrusted with so much potential.  I love listening to the words that Josh is inspired to say and think about all that our girls will accomplish in their lives. 

If you would like to learn more about our beliefs as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, feel free to click on our official website and request missionaries to come answer your individual questions in your home or read up on different topics.   

Moms with Muffins

Charlotte is in her third and FINAL year of preschool and I finally got to do "Moms with Muffins."  The last two years her class did "Dads and Donuts" but I'd see all these other preschools celebrate the moms.  Charlotte was looking forward to this day too.  Literally had a countdown.  Of course the morning of she had a horrible cough.  So we went only for the Mother's Day program and then left.

The kids all served their moms breakfast.  This is exactly what Charlotte brought to me.  One donut and pink lemonade.  Haha.  

All the moms socialized/tried to keep their other kids next to them. Then the kids had a little program for us.  They sang two songs and gave us a little gift.  It's always so fun to see what your kid thinks of you.  

Naomi finally wanted out of the stroller and joined the party.  I am so glad I get to experience these fun little moments with my girls.  


Birthday Fun!

 I have always looked forward to my birthday.  Josh does a good job at making it a special day, set a part from the rest, but also the older we get real life basically takes over.  So the morning of my birthday was just like any other day and because I was having a house full of guests the next day (Friday), I made sure my entire house was cleaned the day before (Wednesday).

My birthday was on the first Thursday Carowinds was open.  I picked Chartlotte up from     ggb ty6uschool and we went straight to Carowinds for lunch and a bunch of rides.  It was dead...and HOT!  It felt so great to be outside.  We met up with some friends that were there for a little bit and it just was a nice afternoon. 

She didn't want her picture taken. lol

After Josh got home that night, we tried a local burger joint, Hobo's, on Main Street right in Fort Mill.  It was delicious.  We are always up for a good burger.  After, we went back home and Josh had ordered a Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream cake.  Yum!!

Since being pregnant and not being very active, my body has experienced a lot of aches and pains.  I am always complaining of mainly my back killing me.  Josh got me a day at the spa for my present.  

I am now counting each birthday as a miracle.  I am trying not to take my days for granted and really count my blessings along the way. 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Naomi Turns Two Months

My grandma made this quilt for Naomi.  Every great grandchild has received one.  
I cannot believe I gave birth TWO months ago already.  Even though Josh keeps saying Naomi is only five days old...  The silver lining of having a (very healthy) premie, is that I haven't been pregnant for the last two months.  I was never worried about Naomi.  She was always doing so well.  It was all about getting her to grow in the beginning.  A lot has happened in the last month...

 Naomi finally came home from the NICU on April 12.  It was a good day!!  I had been bugging the NICU staff to just let her try to eat on her own and give her a chance, instead of waiting for the right moment.  Persistence is one of my strengths, Josh would probably argue and say it's an annoyance haha, but it worked.  Soon as I convinced the doctors and nurses, Naomi ate like a champ for 48 hours and we got to go home.  It was like, HELLO???  I was so glad my mom was in town for this.  She really helped with the transition at home. Luckily, she was willing to take the night shift until she left.  That was the hardest part of transitioning.  Charlotte is old enough where she can do for herself (and likes to), so we haven't really had too many issues of juggling the kids.
Coming home from the hospital
First time Charlotte met Naomi
Naomi is a very noisy baby.  Honestly, Charlotte was not.  I don't remember her even waking up during the night.  I mean, I'm sure she did, but I don't remember.  We were told that because Naomi is a premie, she is extra noisy.  It's the loudest at night.  We have her in a bassinet next to our bed, but she keeps us up at all hours.  Although, I have learned that if we swaddle her (which she hates) and burp her, the noises are less.  

Just this past week, she has gone like a four hour stretch at night in between feedings.  I am still pumping due to Naomi having thrush, and we have learned how to be a little more prepared at night with the bottles.  I feel like I have a middle-of-the-night routine down pretty well by now.  
During the day, Naomi is a trooper.  Always having to get in and out of the carseat to take or pickup Charlotte from preschool and various activities.  Naomi loves being outside.  The other night I had to run somewhere and Josh was out pulling weeds, so we just put her in the rock-n-play outside and she loved it.  We have been going to the pool and Carowinds (no, I don't do the rides, just sit around) and she loves just being in her stroller.  The bassinet attaches to the stroller frame and it sure has come in handy.  She does stay awake a good amount of time during the day, but of course, sleeps a lot of it as well.
We have had a home health nurse come to the house every Wednesday since she was released from the NICU.  This Wednesday will be the last time.  She weighs her and just makes sure we are keeping her alive (I guess?).  Last Wednesday, May 2, was her actual due date.  She weighed in at 7 pounds and 6 ounces, the same weight Charlotte was at birth.  It really was a fun little moment.  I was really hoping that would be the case, just for kicks, and sure enough, it just happened that way!  Her two month appointment is this Friday, May 11.  Naomi also loves taking a bath.  It totally soothes her.  Like mother, like daughter. ;)
Speaking of Charlotte, she still is in love!  She wants to hold Naomi all the time, but also gets bored easily.  Charlotte gets a little frustrated when she cries and doesn't really know how to help.  But we are working on that.  I know they will have a special bond forever.  Charlotte has wanted a sibling for the last couple years and all of her dreams have finally come true.  I look forward to when Naomi will interact with Charlotte more.  That will really make Charlotte happy!

As for being two months postpartum, all I can say is "UGH!"  I know my body was never perfect, but I am still in that stage of wondering if my body will ever be back to normal.  Literally no clothes fit, it's too depressing to go shopping and my doctor has told me to not exercise right now due to my heart.  So am I just going to get fatter?  Please still love me!! haha.  All I can hold on to right now is that it shouldn't be too long until I receive my new valve and can be a normal person again!  I will be meeting with my cardiologist in Atlanta in July to discuss and plan the surgery.  I really do just want to get it over with at this point.  I am still having lightheaded/dizzy spells and that makes me a little nervous.  So I don't really go anywhere, aside from my daily errands, without Josh.  I wait for him on the weekends to do any big things (mainly for the house).  I have been able to really lay low and take it easy.  Our ward has been so nice in watching Charlotte and bringing meals and just stopping in to see how things are going.  We really can't thank them enough!

To everyone else that has reached out, thank you!  I know I haven't got my thank you cards out, but I do think about your kindness all the time and wonder what I did to deserve so many caring people in my life.