Monday, April 30, 2012


Finally got some more graduation pictures.  I'm just going to throw this out there, but the BYU pictures turned out way better than the UVU pictures.  It's sad, but true.  The sun was in our eyes the whole was bad.  Josh and I were looking through all the pictures and the grad cap--yeah, that does NOTHING good for either of us.  We are fully aware so don't feel bad to say, "wow, that cap doesn't flatter Josh OR Tiersha!"  It is the weirdest feeling to know all weekend I didn't have anything due on Monday.  I kept thinking about it and stressing over nothing.  It's great.  The BYU ceremony was 100 times better than the UVU ceremony.  Ours was painful to sit through.  It wasn't organized at all, no music during the names, each graduate had like a whole minute to accept their diploma, the majors weren't grouped was a long, awful process, but it's over.  We appreciate everyone coming out to celebrate both, Josh and I.  The Whitmore's, Rach, Dan, Yvonne, my family, Alma and Audrey, Tyler's family, Grandma and Grandpa Sheppard, Robyn, anyone else I missed?  Thank you for all your love and support!!  Now on to the pictures (what you really care about)!

Baby Tess and her many expressions

After Commencement

 Proud Parents

 Proud In-laws

 Proud Wives



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Graduation Weekend with the Whitmore's

Here are some pictures from last weekend.  I still need to get all the graduation photos, but everyone likes a little sneak peek! 
Josh and baby Tess
At Tucano's after BYU's Graduation

Temple Square is full of gorgeous flowers
My Father-in-Law, Rick, and Meg at Temple Square
My Mother-in-Law, Eve and Meg.  We ate at the Lion House in SLC for dinner after a long day of doctor's, shopping and Temple Square

It's a GIRL!

Monday, Josh and I found out we are having a little girl.  We are more than thrilled!  It's funny because neither of us had a preference on the gender, but sorta had this feeling from the beginning it would be a girl.  Then over the weekend, Josh's sister, Rachel, suggested to try some home tests.  Here is the website I looked at to determine what I was having:

Heartbeat = 171
Cravings = Chocolate
Breakouts = Duh!
Necklace motion = Circular

Check, check, check, check...everything points to a girl.  Then I looked up the Chinese Calendar.  Sure enough...GIRL!  We were getting more and more excited.  I said if the ultrasound says it's a boy, I am going to laugh so hard because we are convinced it's a girl.  Once we got to the doctor's office it took FOREVER to finally get in.  I felt so bad because of course the one day we take everyone with us, we wait an hour!  Then they made a huge deal about having so many people, but the ultrasound tech couldn't care less how many were in there.  It was such a tender moment and Rachel knew right away what it was.  I couldn't believe it.  She has three kids so if anyone would be quick to know, it was her.  I had no idea what I was supposed to be looking for, and then the "three lines" came on the screen and were told that's what we were looking for.  There were tears shed and it was a wonderful moment.  Then they took measurements and looked at all the organs and body parts they needed too.  The only thing the tech couldn't see from more angles was the spine.  Next time we go, that's what they'll look at.  The baby is weighing in at 10 ounces and is the size of a small banana.  We have named her Chiquita :)

After the ultrasound, we waited another 45 minutes to meet with the doctor and of course it took two minutes.  By this time, we were all starving, hadn't had breakfast and just wanted to leave!!  We met up with our families at City Creek, ate lunch and did a Baby GAP run!!

 This is what Chiquita will be coming home from the hospital in :)

Now we can start focusing on girl names and looking at girl nursery's.  It's all very fun, yet I still think about all the challenges parenthood will bring.  We are looking forward to using our life experiences and the Gospel to teach our daughter everything we can.  Can't wait for this exciting journey to begin.  Thank you for all your love and support!!  

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Muppet Movie

Yes, I just posted this to facebook, but I thought I'd elaborate a bit.  Josh and Tyler begged me and Tahnee to go see "The Muppet Movie" once it came to the dollar theater.  We did not want to go and tried to put it off for as long as we were able too.  We eventually had to cave.  We sat there starring at our husbands with their ridiculous smiles on their faces throughout the whole movie and we kept wondering why we didn't just send them.  I have to admit (as much as I hate to do so), it wasn't AS bad as I thought it would be.  I just didn't grow up with the Muppets, never really watched them on TV.  Unfortunately, Tahnee got sucked in for a second time in the theater.  Then for Easter, the "bunny" didn't really know what else to bring Josh, so it settled for the movie...blu-ray style.  To say the least, he was very surprised.  And of course, we watched it.  Well now Josh is OBSESSED with the music to the movie.  He sings these two songs all day, everyday!

I also have to add in a little fact.  If you don't know my husband you won't know that he is pretty cheap. Everyday, he get on iTunes and plays the FREE clip of these songs OVER AND OVER.  I'm like, "just buy the stupid songs they're $1!"  Oh no, why would he do that if he can listen for free.  So yesterday, I was over on the couch and Josh was at the kitchen table "studying" along with the Muppets.  I look over (without his knowledge) and he is shaking his head and whole body and got really into the Man or Muppet song.  Watch the video at 2:17 and 2:23-that's Josh.  Yes, my quiet, counting numbers husband, totally rocking out.  Will he be embarrassed by this post?  Not as much as he will laugh.  And then he'll say, "I wasn't doing that."  Hun, yes you were. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Easter Bunny is a Girl

Josh and I found out this year that the Easter Bunny is a's me :)  Unfortunately, Josh wasn't feeling well this past weekend and I was pretty busy, so the Easter Bunny decided to just visit Josh and make him feel better.

After I got back from church, we watched the Muppets (now all the songs are stuck in our head) and skyped with Lillee and my mom.  We also went to Brooke and Roger's to celebrate their son's, Ryder, first birthday with Baskin Robbins ice cream cake.  It was a great day...beautiful weather, relaxing and Josh was starting to feel better.

I am also thinking about taking a bump picture.  I can't believe I still haven't!!

Annica's Baby Shower

This weekend was my good friend, Annica's baby shower.  She is having a girl and naming her Madelyn.  Megan came as well and it always picks up right where we leave off with the three of us.

Background: Annica and Megan were roommates at BYU-Idaho and I lived in the unit under them.  Well let's just say I was with them more than my own roommates and even moved my mattress up at one point.  After Fall semester, Megan moved home and after mine and Annica's track was back on, we moved in together.  But the three of us have stayed in touch over the last NINE YEARS!!!  We can't be that old.

We have gone from this...
(Sick hair...)


And now Megan has two kids and me and Annica are both pregnant (you should be able to see my pooch and that's the last time I wear a belt like that) So fun!!

Thanks for being such great friends over the years.  It's always so fun to be with you two!!

P.S. I have a lot more pictures but nothing on my computer I could find at the time. 

Monday, April 2, 2012


I feel like I haven't been posting very exciting things...or maybe there are just a lot of important things and not enough everyday, normal things.  I thought I would let everyone know what we did over the weekend...

 (Sorry it's blurry)

Friday evening we went up to City Creek with Tahnee and Tyler.  Finally we got to see what all the hype was about!  Once we arrived, we were starving and just as luck would have it, we parked on the complete opposite side from where the food court was.  We were racing through the center trying to get to the food court and just passing everything.  When we got to the food court we were amazed.  Really?  A food court?  Yes!  It had every kind of food you could think of and as packed as it was, there was plenty of room to move around and plenty of seating.  The one complaint I have is that there is one bathroom and it was on the opposite side of where we were.  Not convenient for us pregnant ladies :)  After we ate, we were able to actually enjoy City Creek.  There are stores for everyone and every budget.  You had H&M and Forever 21 and then there was GAP and J. Crew and then Tiffany & Co.  Unfortunately, the sale racks haven't grown very much being brand new stores, so we didn't do any shopping.  And I didn't see any maternity stores...I told Josh to embrace these next several months where I can't shop as easily as I used too!  The Banana Republic was very impressive.  It's the same set up as the one in South Coast Plaza.  The Tiffany & Co (yes, we went in), was the smallest one I've seen.  But any will be small compared to the one in NYC.  It was hilarious to watch everyone go in, around the displays and back out.  It was like a single-file line.  But not me, I want to try the bling on!  I did find a ring I want...I can dream right?
We left and went to get ice cream (I was craving a root beer float) and Josh, being the voice of reason, suggested we share smart.  I was perfectly satisfied.  I feel asleep as soon as we got home.  I was beat!

Saturday, we went to Shawn and Lisa's to watch General Conference.  They were so nice to let us come over and be with their family both mornings.  Saturday, they made eggs and monkey bread and Sunday we had crepes!  Yum!!  General Conference was so great to listen too.  Saturday, I noticed a theme of families.  I don't know if it's because we are starting ours or if that was really the theme!  I also noticed a lot of talks on physical trials.  As hard as they are, I am grateful for having them.  After Saturday's morning session we went home so I could take a test (got an A!) and for Josh to get some homework done.  We turned on conference for the afternoon session and our TV was acting up :(  So we went for a walk, since the weather was amazing, and then went and got ice cream.  Later that night I had planned on going to dinner with Tahnee and my friend Brooke.  I left right after Josh went for a run.  Soon as we sit down for dinner, Josh calls and is locked out of the condo.  Luckily, the weather was good and he just sat outside and waited for me.  When I got back I was glad to see him chuckling and give me a hug.  Unfortunately, he missed Priesthood session of conference.  I felt bad and said we could go see a movie of his choice.

Sunday, we went to Shawn and Lisa's again.  While we watched conference, we decorated Easter egg-shaped cookies.  It was fun to be with them, Tahnee and Tyler and Tanner and Ali.  We really appreciate them letting us come over!! 

Then for the afternoon session, we went back home.  Josh needed to do some school stuff and we needed to get ready for the Whitmore gathering later that night.  For some reason, I had no energy during the second session of conference and could not keep my eyes open.  Then having to get ready...sheesh!  Luckily once we were out the door I was fine!  Josh, Meg and I were the "guests of honor" due to our graduation and baby announcement.  There were two other couples that are having babies too.  We received three separate Willow Tree Figurines.  I have two already and really want to start collecting them.

It was a lot of fun, and I was able to meet more Whitmore family members I have never met before.  I made a new friend, Alayna, and we just had a great time being with the extended family.  Thank you Connie for putting it all together and Geri and Lew for opening your home.  Thank you to everyone who gave us our gifts, we love them and I have already put them up in our home!!