Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Used to Have Cheek Bones

Before I say anything, I just want to be clear that I appreciate the pregnancy compliments I receive....

But does anyone remember what I used to look like???  I used to have cheek bones and a very defined jaw bone.  Remember?  Here, let me take you back down memory lane...

Ok you remember now, phew!  Now onto what I look like NOW!  Granted, I did gain a little bit of weight before getting pregnant :(
To all of you who say, "you only have gained weight in your belly."  Umm...really?  Thank you, but I can't wait to get back to my "wedding day weight" and show you all what I am supposed too look like!!  Don't get me wrong, I still love being pregnant and gaining weight does not bother me one bit, but it's so funny to me when people tell me I haven't gained weight anywhere else.  And for the most part I haven't, but bottom line, I have :)  One day, I'll have defined cheek bones again...just you wait!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maternity Photos

I was asked if I could be a "model" for some maternity photos to help build a portfolio.  Of course I agreed, and here is the result!

32 Weeks

I cannot believe I'm at 32 weeks! I totally forgot until today when I started getting app notifications and emails. It's so fun!

Not much has changed. I am feeling Chiquita more than ever and she is quite the acrobat! I having a hard time bending over because one of her limbs is always in my ribs! My bodily functions are out of control (sorry in advance) and I try to take a nap or rest after work each day.

Yesterday in the mail I received the crib sheet! Holy moly, I'm obsessed!! It's the ONLY one Josh and I could agree on and the ONLY thing we are splurging on for our new apartment. I went to Target to color match with it and, of course, forgot it at home. But I found a few comforters for the guest bed. Anyway, back to the baby... I just want to get to California and set her cute little room up!!

Yesterday, Josh received a gift in the mail (see picture below). He is excited to take her to baseball games and get her more gear!

That's it for now in the baby world of the Whitmore's!

Nothing Smells Better Than Homemade Bread

Today I went over to Lisa's (Tahnee's mother-in-law) house where she taught me how to make homemade bread! I'm determined to become very domestic since I will be a stay-at-home wife/mom after tomorrow (my last day of work)! It was so much fun and so much easier than I was expecting. I NEED a KitchenAide more than ever now! The pictures show my fat face and it started getting kinda warm working so hard!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bachelorette: My Very Own Jef

I am thrilled that Emily decided to send Arie home and that she fell head-over-heels in love with Jef.  At first, I didn't know if he was there to really fall in love, being a slow mover and a very laid back person.  But the more I got to know Jef on the show, the more I realized that him and Josh are very similar.

Josh and Jef both love wearing solid color tee's or plaid button-ups.  They both are slow movers and very laid back, as previously mentioned.  Both grew up in an LDS family (although Josh is still active).  Both are men of few words--when Jef would be around a group of people, he wouldn't talk as much, but once he was one on one with Emily, he was very expressive--Josh is the same way.  Their hair both has something going on in the front.  Both love kids and their families.  Both are ambitious.  Both let their women talk much more than them (see link below).  Yes, I think this is why I wanted Emily to choose Jef in the end, because he is so much like my husband! (Although, Josh would never have gone on the show!)  But really, so excited that they are together and making it work.  I was impressed when they said last night they have seen each other almost every weekend since the show stopped taping.  Talk about dedication!! Congrats Emily and Jef!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

31 Weeks

I'm finally counting down single-digit weeks.  9 to go!  I just can't believe this.  I am feeling little Chiquita up in my ribs and and she is movin' and groovin' inside of me.  I can just sit and watch my belly move.  It is the most unreal experience.

Apparently, I am snoring these days.  I woke up the other night and Josh was not in bed.  First reaction, did he die and is laying on the floor?  I don't know why I thought that!  I checked the floor on his side of the bed, all the bedrooms, bathrooms...nothing!  He was on the couch- ASLEEP!  I asked him what he was doing out there and he said, "you're so loud, you're so loud."  I said, "loud doing what?"  "You're snoring."  I just started laughing and couldn't stop.  I laughed all the way back to my room and even when I was trying to get back to sleep.  His voice was very concerned, like why, why are you snoring?  Once I got up to finally get ready, I told him to go back in bed.  The next day we were talking about it and he said, "I don't know why I didn't go get in another bed."  Yeah, we only have THREE other beds and he decides to sleep on the couch!  Silly boy.

My "fake" wedding ring is getting a little too tight.  So the last two days, I just look like I'm knocked up ;)  I am not going to risk having to chop of a ring, or worse, my finger.

I also think I am becoming a little bi-polar.  But luckily with pregnancy, I can just say, hormonal.  I make rash decisions and say things I don't really mean or think about.  It's really sad.  After I DO think about what I have said, I think to myself, why did I say that?  I don't feel that way.  Ugh!  I still cry at the drop of a hat.  The other night Josh wanted to go for a run and I started bawling telling him I didn't want him to leave me.  WHAT!?  He goes for a run all the time...why did it bother me that time?  Oh man, I have been an emotional roller coaster this pregnancy!

Those are the most recent (and continual) developments up til now.  Our next appointment is Wednesday of next week.  Our last Utah appointment.  Can't wait to finally get more answers from the doctors in California!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Gear and So Much More

Josh and I are trying to wrap our heads around how much stuff we have to buy upon our arrival to southern CA.  The list gets longer each day, I feel like.  We finally have a set date of when we are leaving, August 2.  My dad is going to help drive down since I'll be almost 8 months pregnant and I am so tired these days.  We booked the moving truck today and have so many things we need to get done.

Last night, we bought the rocker!  It is from Costco and we are thrilled to finally have that off the list.  Don't mind my face, I was in mid sentence.  It's in the box and we are going to leave it there until we move into our new place.  It will most likely be in our front room rather than the nursery due to space.  It's ok...I don't mind.  I have thought about this purchase more than any other purchase.  I can't wait to have my little baby fall asleep in my arms on this chair!  If you are close to a Costco, go check out how comfy it is.  You will fall in love.  

I have also received one of the two diaper bags I ordered.  The first one is from Pottery Barn and I loved it.  But then Nordstrom had their early-access sale and got a new print in as well.  I know they look extremely similar, but I need to figure out which one I'm going to keep and which one I'm going to return.  What do you think?


We also have our crib.  Well actually, a girl in Anaheim who got it on the Ellen Show has our crib.  It just arrived about a week ago and we will pick it up the night we get into CA.  I can't wait to set it all up!!

Our stroller is also in a box in CA and I am dying to get it assembled and play with it!

We also purchased a couch from my aunt and uncle (our first couch) and a coffee table off Craigslist (which we haven't seen but have only heard good things about it).

You may think we have bought a lot so far, but we still have so much more to go.  I can't wait to get everything in the new apartment and decorate.  I am just dying to get everything under one roof...MY roof!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our New Home

As you all know by now, Josh and I are moving to Orange County in just a couple weeks.  I had been looking for places to rent for a couple months now (yes, I'm a planner) and we had a place basically land in our lap.  I was really excited about the location and square feet and being able to make it ours.  Well, this week some things fell through and we knew it was the best decision to just find another place.  I instantly got on the internet and looked up rentals.  On Thursday, I came across an apartment complex that is in my ideal location, in our budget, and still 10 miles from Josh's office.  I told my parents about it and yesterday they went to check it out for us.  They liked it a lot and told us that we would really enjoy living there.  We immediately filled out an online application and our move-in date in August 18.  It's not ideal, just because we wanted to go straight there instead of having to unpack everything twice, but the unit we want isn't available until then.  So it will be worth the wait.  My mom said that the secondary bedroom is huge!  I'm glad because that's where the baby will sleep and where our guest room will be (for all you that better come stay with us)!!  I am really excited about our new home and have already been trying to figure out the decor and furnishings.  I am a little obsessed.  Here is a picture of our new floorplan:
I love that it comes with a refrigerator, washer and dryer!  What a relief we don't have to buy those appliances right now!  The floorplan is perfect for what we need, love the two walk-in closets, two full bathrooms, and it's on the first floor!!  Who's going to be our first guest??

Thursday, July 12, 2012

30 Weeks

I cannot believe I am at 30 weeks.  (BTW, sorry I have been so bad at blogging.)  Chiquita is moving around more and more and I'm getting bigger and bigger and definitely more uncomfortable. 

  • The nights are bad.  I take a hot bath every night and wear compression hose to keep the swelling down and help with the leg cramps.  Oh leg cramps you ask?  Yeah, they are BAD!  Charley horses every night.  Last night was painful when I sprang out of bed with one in each leg!  The first night my compression hose didn't take care of the pain :( 
  • I am still feeling great otherwise, despite the hottest summer EVER!  I go to Seven Peaks Waterpark on occasion to cool off and continue to live in my maternity shorts and maxi skirts.  
  • I haven't worn makeup for a couple weeks now because I rather sleep than have to spend more time getting ready in the morning.  
  • Now that I am in the third trimester, I am getting more tired each day.  Around 2:00 pm is when it usually hits me.  That's what time I leave work anyway so it's perfect. 
  • I went to the doctor yesterday and everything is still great!  My OB was a little concerned about the swelling and had me do an ultrasound on my leg to see if there were any blood clots.  Everything was clear!
  • I feel like I look better in person than in pictures.  I never know what way to stand or how to smile.  
  • I never look at the scale when I'm being weighed and ask the nurses not to tell me the number :)  I know I'm gaining weight and that's fine, I just don't want to know the actual numbers.  Let me enjoy being pregnant.
  • I'm hungry...a lot!  Whatever.
  • I get up about 3-4 times throughout the night to go to the bathroom.  But luckily, I fall right back asleep.  It doesn't phase me at all and I know my body is just preparing me for my little girl to come.
  • I've told several people this, but it's torture waiting NINE MONTHS!!  Luckily, it has gone by really fast and the next ten weeks are going to fly.