Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend Getaway

There is so much to do in California, so we want to take advantage of it all.  This weekend, we went up to Santa Barbara.  Wow!  It is beautiful up there.  Too bad KPMG isn't there, because I was ready to move!  We have had this trip planned for a few weeks now and were really looking forward to it. I wanted to really get into the culture, a.k.a. no chain restaurants.  We ate at some great places.  Our favorite was Los Agaves a little bit on the outskirts.  It was amazing!  We shopped on State Street, laid out at the beach and walked along the pier, drove up to Solvang, walked around UCSB campus, snuck in the Bacara resort,  toured the Mission Santa Barbara and relaxed.  We stayed at an Inn close to the water (10 minute walk) that we would probably stay at again.  It was nice, clean, provided breakfast and had a pool/hot tub.  I just couldn't get over how beautiful the whole city was.  I hope we go back again soon!

Got to SB early so we grabbed a bite to eat at a really nice place right on the harbor.  Vick on a Stick was joining us this weekend.  We are glad she came along with us!!  #vickonastick
Brought our friend "Vick on a Stick" along with us!

Michael is an EFY counselor at UCSB, so he hung out with us for the weekend.  It was a nice break from campus. 




San Diego

I know I am a little behind on the blog, but I have been busy, busy, busy.  A couple weeks ago, we were invited to Caden and Raegan's birthday party out in Menifee, so we thought we would make a whole day out of it and go to San Diego and loop back up through Menifee.
Our first stop was the Mormon Battalion visitors center (of course).  Josh and I have both been there years ago, but heard it has changed.  When we arrived, they said the tour was 40 minutes...I am not a tour person but we did it anyway.  I am so glad we did.  It was the coolest tour I've ever been on; very interactive and the whole place has changed.  The missionaries are all in character also.  

After, we walked around Old Town San Diego, had lunch at a cute restaurant called the Saloon.  

Before heading to the birthday party, we went to a boardwalk on the ocean which was pretty cool...just can't remember the name. 
The birthday party was so fun...especially just to be with family.  We miss Kasey and Preston, so we try to see them when they are in town.  It was great to have the pools for the little ones, food was great and the company!  Thanks for inviting us (and I thought I took more pictures!)


Monday, June 17, 2013

First Father's Day

This year, Josh celebrated his first Father's Day!  He has been such a wonderful dad to Charlotte, I am constantly impressed with his love for her.  I always tease him that Charoltte gets more kisses than me; but deep down I am glad he is an involved father and wants to be with his little girl.  I know the older she gets, they will have such a special bond!!  I am grateful for the relationship I have with my dad, and know they will have the same.  Since Josh is notorious for returning the gifts I give him, I made Charlotte pick them out and he ended up keeping them!


About a month ago, my dad and I planned to surprise my mom for her birthday by me and Charlotte flying up to see her.  My mom was really wanting to see Charlotte and we knew she would be alone (with three kids) for her birthday.  Meg and Adam picked me up from the airport and after a couple of stops and a plan, we figured out how to surprise her.  We hid in the backyard with Charlotte on the back step with balloons tied to her car seat.  My mom couldn't believe it!  It was the best surprise.  I was so nervous that it wouldn't work out, but IT DID!!  I was there from Wednesday to Saturday.  It was a lot of fun...playing with the kids, going to Provo (my old stomping grounds), Salt Lake City, and getting hooked on "Duck Dynasty!"  Here are some pictures to recap the time in Utah!
Hanging around!
Everyone's first experience at J Dawgs (except mine)
Stopped by Lisa's office at the Wilk!
Salt Lake City

More SLC

Found the pieces to my PotteryBarn sets significantly cheaper than at the store.  Love DownEast Home!
Dad opened his Father's Day gift action camera for when he goes riding

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Grandpa Don's 80th Birthday!

Today, the Neilson's got together to celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday.  We had quite the group there today...I believe the final number was around 65!  It is so fun getting together with everyone, even though it happens very frequently, it's fun each time!  Here are some pictures from the night.
My dad, Annie, Michael and Gracee drove down right in time for the celebration!
The big girls!
Desiree and her twins, Ellie and Ethan
Walt, John and Jim
Charlotte with her aunts, Tahnee and Gracee
Josh...partying hard!
Opening gifts...

Me and Tahnee