Monday, September 16, 2013

Josh Turns 28!

Happy Birthday to my best friend!!  Josh turns 28 today!  We celebrated last night due to his busy schedule at work lately.  He is going on 8 days of work with no break.  I appreciate his hard work.  I know it's not easy for him to be away from his girls and yet, he never complains.  Hopefully by the weekend work will not be as busy and we will be able to go out to dinner for his birthday.  We can just spread the celebration out all month! While he was working yesterday, I whipped up a cake and tried to make a nice display for him to come home too!  He is very easy-going and never expects much.  I appreciate that so much more now, now that Charlotte's birthday is a week before!!  Here are some photos of our party last night!

Nike running shirt and iPod (for running)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Josh's gifts and for the cards.  You helped make Josh's day great!!