Monday, February 6, 2012


Yesterday was a sad day at the Whitmore least for Josh.  The Patriots lost in the last couple minutes of the Super Bowl and Josh was freaking out.  The picture of Eli starring at Josh just goes to show how crazy he was.  Eli would not take his eyes off of was hilarious.

We had Karilyn, Jon and Eli over.  We had some great food and other than the loss, it was fun.  

Josh was in a poppy mood, pretty much the whole night.  I don't get these people who get so caught up in the game.  Fine by sad for like 20 minutes, and then GET OVER IT!  I guess I have never been so passionate about a sporting event though.  Due to the loss and silence in our home, I called it a night pretty early. 

Also found out that my mother-in-law, Eve, is coming into town on Wednesday for five days.  Can't wait!!