Saturday, September 7, 2013

Charlotte's First Birthday Party

I'll take a little break from the East Coast and post pictures of Charlotte's birthday party that was thrown today.
Of course you have to throw a party for the big ONE!  And I had been thinking about it for months.  After thinking about it for so long, I came to the conclusion to do simple.  I reserved Melinda Park (thanks Desiree) and did a lot of the prep work before we left for our EC trip.  I was spray painting like crazy and our kitchen table was out of service for the last month or so.  

This week, I did last minute things to get ready.  It all came together this morning.  It wasn't quite what I had pictured, but hey, it got done and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Really, turning one is for all the adults to come together and visit.  Luckily, the park we did it at had a great playground and cover that lessen the intense heat!  Thank you to all that came.  It was not just a celebration of Charlotte's little life so far, but what a miracle baby she was.  Having her was such a wonderful experience.  Josh and I have been blessed with not only a smooth pregnancy and delivery, but a wonderful baby girl who brings so much joy to our lives everyday.  Thank you Charlotte, for giving us something to and happiness!!
Four Generations
table
Breakfast Bar

Party Favors
Aunt Lisa
Kasey and Raegan
The Taggart's
Taylee and Heidi
Time to smash the cake!

Melissa and Charlotte
The George Twins

Gift time.  Thank you everyone for your gifts!  Charlotte loved everything!
Charlotte got her first Bitty Baby!  What we went to the American Girl store for!
Charlotte and Brady--such good friends AND cousins!
Family pic!  We love you Charlotte!
After the party, we went to Claim Jumper with Grandma and Grandpa Sheppard and Robyn.  We ate a great meal and then sang "Happy Birthday" to Grandma Sheila (September 4) and Charlotte!

I think she is all sweet-ed out!

Poor Charlotte was such a trooper and didn't even sleep until 3:00 pm.  And when she finally went down, she went down without a fight!  We spent the rest of the day playing with her toys and cleaning...we still have a ways to go!  



  1. How fun!! I CANNOT believe she's one!! I love the picture with her and Brady! And the family pic of course - you look beautiful!

  2. Happy birthday!! I'm bummed I missed out on the party. It looks like it all came together nicely!!