Saturday, August 18, 2012


The last post was all about how we finally made it to California, but what has been going on since we got here?

I've been going to doctor appointments like crazy. Two to three days a week consist of me getting checked. Each time I go to the OB I have a non-stress test done (picture below). They always say it will take 15-20 minutes and I'm always in there at LEAST a half-hour. It's nice that I can just relax. One time I was in there so long and fell asleep, that the light turned off! I love all my doctors and really pleased with the care they have given me so far. They are all talking about an assisted vaginal delivery, with little pushing from my end, a vacuum and early epidural. It kind of is scary to me the closer it gets, but I know I'm in good hands.

We also found out the Josh doesn't receive paternity leave until he has been at KPMG after one year. And you only have one year from the birth to take it. So next year at this time, we will be taking a two week vacation! Josh will take a few days off though when the baby is born.

Speaking of Josh, he started working!! A day I'm sure he dreaded has finally come. I love when he dresses up to go to work an takes his briefcase. Such a man! Haha. He enjoys the other three people that started with him; although he is the oldest and only one married with a child on the way! The last two days he had to drive up to LA for training (accompanied with 4 hours of traffic each day) and tomorrow (Sunday) he leaves for Orlando for five days of more training. Ugh...I hate when he is gone that long, especially me being so emotional these days. But it's really busy this next week. It will go by super fast!

Josh's First Day of Work
Tahnee flew in last week, the day before my parents left for Brazil. They went to pick up Michael from his mission. We have been having a lot of swim days (thanks to Kip and Sam) and today we are at the beach! The kids didn't even wake up til after 9:00 am! I'd say we are doing just fine ;) my patents and Michael come home on Wednesday and we are all excited to see him. I'd love to have the baby before he leaves for BYU-Hawaii, but who knows!

The last thing...our apartment! We are supposed to move in no later than September 13. I'm getting really nervous because the baby is going to be induced a week to two weeks early. I really want to be in our own place before se comes. The lady moving out of our unit said she has movers coming on the 4th and we could possibly be in on the 6th. Cross your fingers!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

We Finally Made It!

This has been a long time coming, but we have finally made it to California! Josh received a job offer at the end of his internship last summer to start full-time in August and it has felt like a LONG time since then. We drove down on Thursday, with my dad driving me and Josh driving the moving truck. It was a long drive (I had to get out and walk around or use the restroom several times). For the most part, we had a smooth move.

Friday, we went to the apartment complex where we will be living. There has been a lot of mix-up and hardly any communication among the employees there, but we have worked everything out. We will move into a one-bedroom on August 18 and then a two-bedroom on September 6 and stay there for a year. I am getting VERY anxious to move in and set up everything before the baby comes and everything else that will be happening this year.

Friday, we also picked up our enormous crib. It was so heavy and Josh did it all on his own. I have felt so bad I cannot help as much during the move. I have really appreciated Josh more than ever at this time. He hasn't complained or mentioned it once that he is doing like 99% of the work. He is such a trooper. Other items of furniture that we have so far are the couch, coffee table (a Craigslist find), kitchen table (another Craigslist find) and dining chairs (free!) that will be a great project to do. I just can't wait to get them all in my new place and start working on all my ideas I have!!

We will probably start going to our new ward after Michael's homecoming talk (August 25). Until then, we have other things happening on Sundays and we won't be moved in until around then anyway.

We meet with my new doctors tomorrow, the OB and Cardiologist. Hopefully we will get more answers of when our little girl will get here, how I will deliver and things like that. I realize I can't have exact answers, but hopefully they give us something to work with. I'm such a planner and it's driving time nuts that it's all up in the air. I will keep you all posted!