Friday, May 25, 2012

23 Weeks

I know the last post wasn't exactly a week ago, but I want to try and document more frequently.  Yesterday was 23 weeks and I feel like I am getting bigger and bigger.  But I actually like having a baby bump.  I like being out of the awkward phase and people knowing for sure I am pregnant rather than I just ate too much.  Most of you know when I gain weight, it goes to my face.  So I have come to grips with my face being super fat for the next few months.  Gotta love it ;)

I know most of you don't want to hear this, but I need to document this for my own remembrance...I love being pregnant!  I still have not felt sick once!  Besides not sleeping super great, I can't complain about anything.  The worst that is happening is my left ankle swells up like everyday.  By the next morning it goes back down but sure enough, swells back up.  When I'm not at work, I try to prop it up as much as usual. 

I also have felt the baby a little bit this week.  It's pretty subtle, but if I am sitting perfectly still, I can usually feel some movement.  I am so in love with this little girl already!  I just want her to come out and play!

My wedding ring hasn't been worn for a couple weeks now.  It's really sad.  I look at it everyday, wishing I could wear it.  This morning I decided I was going to wear it for the cruise (we are leaving this afternoon).  I put it on and once it got to my knuckle, it was stuck!!  Like, REALLY stuck!  The only direction it could go was further down on my finger.  I don't know if I should try and get it off or just leave it there.  I'm worried it will cut off circulation or something, especially going to hot weather this upcoming week, my fingers are just going to swell more!  I need to Google some ideas to get it off.

We are leaving for our cruise today right after Josh is done with the first CPA exam (there are four total).  He has been so dedicated and disciplined about studying.  He is a little nervous (who wouldn't be) but I know he'll do just fine.  He needs this cruise to unwind and just have some fun!  We are both looking forward to it.  But what's a trip down to California without going to Disneyland?  Don't worry, we are going tomorrow!!  I hope my ankle lasts a while. 

One last thing, not related to pregnancy....Jess and Trent (Josh's cousins) and their son, Aiden, made a trip to Utah last week.  It was so much fun to see them.  We hung out a couple times during the week.  I am so sad that we aren't going on the Whitmore Reunion cruise this August, mainly because we never get to see Jess and Trent.  So I was more than thrilled when they were able to come here.  It always makes me sad though, when we have to say good-bye.  But luckily, Tahnee and Tyler are moving to Arizona and I can make trips to see the Knuckles whenever I'm in town!!

 (This is what we look like with a baby!!  So crazy to think our pictures will have a little one in all of them soon!)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

22 1/2 weeks

I keep meaning to take a picture Of the bump and always forget! Finally I took one tonight! Josh and I went out tonight, so I have a very full belly, but besides that... Here it is! I feel like its huge but then I take a picture and it doesn't look near as big as it feels. But I need to stop comparing myself to other people and just accept that everyone's body is so different.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Trip to the Ellen Show...Studio and Other Happenings

As many of you have read on my continuous Twitter and Facebook updates, I tried to get into Ellen's Mother's Day giveaway show.  And obviously, failed.  The first day the application went up, I filled it out and Josh filled it out, maybe others did too on my behalf.  Then I had to wait and wait and wait.  I probably filled it out about ten different times and never heard back.  It was quite depressing.  I researched this show more than any school project and just knew I had to get on.  In the meantime, I was communicating with my friend, Aubrey, via Facebook messages and she didn't get in either.  We both decided to try and wait in a standby line at Ellen's studio in hopes that we would still be selected.  Aubrey was having her baby shower that week in CA and I found a cheap flight ($119 roundtrip) into Long Beach.  Her and her mom booked a hotel room right around the corner from the studio and I rented a car to get me from the airport to Burbank and then back to OC to take the prizes I would win.  Aubrey and her mom got to Burbank early, taking the WB studio tours and scouting out where we needed to be early the next morning.  We thought for sure we were a shoe in.  But Thursday morning came, my birthday, and we got to the standby line, only to find about ten other pregnant women in front of us.  It was 5:30 am and our plan to be the first ones in line had already failed.  After waiting for three and a half hours, talking to people we knew in line and making new friends, we were greeted by the Audience Manager of the Ellen Show.  She came to inform us that none of us would be getting in--NO CHANCE!  For the Mother's Day show and 2 Days of Giveaways, they overbook the audience and do not give any standby tickets away.  Last year, they booked 225 pregnant moms and 225 came.  I mean, let's get real, if you got a ticket, this is the ONE show you are NOT going to miss!  We were really sad, I was on the verge of going into a deep depression.  We even saw them bringing in the shipments of strollers.  I tried guilt-tripping the poor Ellen employee by saying it's my birthday and I flew in from out of state, but nothing was going to change the rules.  Afterward, we went back to the hotel, ate breakfast and then I got in my Nissan Versa rental and drove to my parent's house.  I talked to Josh and I think he was more upset than I was.  Probably because he knows he has to buy me all the gifts ;)

Once I got home, I immediately woke the twins up from their nap.  Oh it's like Christmas morning seeing those two faces.  I'm whipped!  They really can do no wrong in my eyes.  We played, went to Costco, celebrated my birthday at Sonic with everyone getting ice cream, and then that evening I ran to the Shops at Mission Viejo for a Mother's Day event.  I bought some Aveda makeup which I am now obsessed with and swear by.  Where has this been all my life?  I went in the store for a complimentary neck massage and the girl helping me had the most amazing makeup.  I asked her if it was from there and she said yes.  She led me to the counter and applied the makeup.  I loved it and bought it.  Happy Birthday to me!  I strolled around and then picked up BJ's takeout on my way home for my mom and I.  It was so nice to see my family and I don't want to come across as bragging, but driving around southern California got me soooooo excited to move there this August.  It was gorgeous and no traffic (I know, shock).  I know it's going to be expensive and we will see how long us living there lasts, but we will enjoy everything it has to offer and start our little family. 

I didn't take any pictures because of the amount of depression I was in ;) and I flew home less than 48 hours after getting there.  I got home and Josh picked me up at the airport.  I didn't have to go back to work, so we took our time that afternoon, stopping at Costco for lunch.  It was a weird birthday nonetheless.

Sunday, was Mother's day and my sweet husband got up at 8:00 am (that is very hard for him to do) and made me waffles!  My favorite.  He wrote me a nice card and we had a very enjoyable, relaxing Sabbath.  After church, we were able to Skype with Michael in Brazil.  I can't believe he is coming home so soon!!  August!  Time sure has gone by fast.

Tomorrow we have an appointment with both the OB and Cardiologist.  Wish us luck :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


How many field trips have I gone on and they still haven't stopped! Today I went as a chaperone to the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City with Tahnee's fifth grade class. It was so funny being on the other side...not the young, immature student. I had a group of six girls and they were really good. We walked all around this huge museum that went through prehistoric times, early humans, earth, sky, and life. Each student had a packet of questions, but being in my group, they didn't need to worry too much about finishing it ;) I would be the worst teacher ever! Towards the end, they were getting hungry and that's all I heard for an hour. I was surprised how many kids don't eat breakfast. That's the most Important meal!! Overall it was fun and I'm glad I could go; but did I really act like they did in fifth grade and look that young? I guess so, but i feel like I have been this height my entire age haha. Oh well :)

Second Anniversary

Last weekend, Josh and I celebrated our two year anniversary. I seriously can't believe it's been two years.

We started the weekend (Saturday) at Kneaders for breakfast. We tried out their new location and absolutely loved it. After breakfast, we headed up to Salt Lake City. We checked into the Downtown Marriott and walked over to City Creek. I still can't belie we spent all day there and didn't tired or bored. There is so much to see and shop, it was great. We also ran into Jordan and Dane! Around 4:30, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory and had a delicious meal. I got the salmon, mashed potatoes and the largest "side" salad ever! Josh got the bacon and avocado club sandwich, which he loved. We hardly ate any of our meal because we filled up on bread. Then they sang "Happy Birthday" to me, brought me a sundae and the. We ordered a slice of red velvet cheesecake to go...don't judge! We went back to the hotel to put our food away and then walked around some more. It was a perfect day and beautiful evening. The next day, we went to Temple Square before heading home. TS never gets old. It's so peaceful and I don't know how anyone can go there and think Mormons aren't good people. The spirit is so strong there! We listened to a few conference talks, Josh read out of the Indonesian Book of Mormon and we enjoyed the grounds. We went home that afternoon.

It was a perfect weekend. Josh took a break from studying and it was so nice to have each others full attention. I love spending time with Josh. He really is my best friend and can't imagine my life without him. Happy Anniversary Joshy ;)

*Pictures to come
**If there are errors, I apologize. I did this entire post on my iPhone.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

According to my iPhone

I've seen many posts where people put their iPhone pictures up. I was just looking through mine and thought some are blog worthy. So here is the last several months according to my iPhone!
Baby Tess a couple weeks old
Gracee and William at the Irvine Spectrum
Deliciousness in a cup
Jazz game...thanks Yvonne!
Josh and William favorite
Red Velvet Chessecake- Cheesecake Factory

BYU Lost and Found Sale
Tanner's half-time show- about 100 old women dancing!
Announcing to the world we are expecting!
Awful Waffle
Disneyland at Christmas time
First Ultrasound
Park City date night
Disneyland with the twins
Josh...being Josh
First bump picture- need to take more
Muhammad Ali museum in Louisville
BYU Graduation lunch

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2nd Year Anniversary

Yesterday marked mine and Josh's second year anniversary.  I seriously cannot believe I'm married at times and not only that, but that I married a wonderful person.  Yeah, the mushy stuff (once a year people).  It actually turned out nothing how I imagined it.  The day was pretty normal.  Josh and I G-chatted while we were at work (the usual) and then he left to go home.  Right now, Josh is studying for the CPA exam at least five hours a I thought he was going home, little did I know he shows up at my work and gives me my anniversary gift!  Spa package and he had booked a night at the Marriott City Creek for this weekend!  I was shocked actually.  (Later that night he told me we're going to "shop til we drop" at City Creek this weekend.  I will hold him to that!)  Then we went on a romantic lunch to McDonald's haha.  It was fast and we had free coupons...don't worry, we went out for a nice dinner later.  Once I got home, I gave Josh his gift.  I have been more than excited to give this to him.  He's been talking a lot about golf these days, so I thought I would do some research and get him a pair of REALLY nice golf shoes.  When he opened them, he wasn't as excited as I was.  Let's just say, there were a lot of tears (yep, from the emotional, pregnant basket case).  Josh felt really bad, but I will be returning them :(  Sad day!  We finally made it to dinner...Carrabba's.  Yum!  We just were there last week for graduation, but I was craving it again.  I got the sirloin and Josh got the lasagna and Parmesan chicken.  We skipped dessert at the restaurant and went to The Chocolate.  We shared a Cazookie (Pazookie wannabe) and took some pictures.  Once we got home, I went into a food coma, Josh studied more and worked out and that concluded our anniversary.  I am very much looking forward to this weekend and really celebrating.

Thanks Josh for the great gifts, the past wonderful two years and I look forward to all eternity with you.  You're the!!    

 Josh stuffed

Sugar cookie to go