Thursday, September 27, 2012

30 Minutes

What does a new grandma do with 30 minutes to spare?  See Charlotte!  My mom has made a few trips over here (with a donut for me in hand) when she has some time to kill in between taking kids to school.  The other day, I got a visit, glazed twist, time to work on my most recent home project, and some cute pictures.

Fun Day at Balboa

Today we decided to take Josh's parents to Balboa Island so they could enjoy a little bit of Orange County outside of our apartment walls.  We got a Balboa bar and walked around admiring the beautiful homes along the water.  The weather was perfect and Josh's mom is sold on living here.  I mean, it is the "promised land" after all ;)

 Later tonight, we went to Claim Jumper to celebrate Josh's birthday.  Yum!  Thanks to Rick and Eve for a fun day!

Charlotte's Baby Blessing

Last night, we had Charlotte's baby blessing.  Josh requested a more intimate gathering, so being respectful of that we invited both my grandparents, our parents (obviously) and his friend from North Carolina, Jack and Joanna Taggart.  It was the sweetest blessing I have ever heard (not that I'm bias or anything) and she was wide-eyed looking at Josh the entire blessing!  I am so grateful for a wonderful husband who loves this little girl to pieces.  She has changed our life in so many ways and brought such a sweet spirit into our home.  Everyone that sees her, just loves her.  She is such a good baby, only crying when she is hungry and sleeping well at night.  We couldn't ask for a better baby.  One important detail- Grandma Shelia made Charlotte's blessing dress out of my wedding dress, which made it that more special.  It was the most gorgeous dress I've ever laid eyes on.  So grateful for a talented grandma that takes the time to make this dress. 

Before the blessing...and changing into her dress
Starting to get her dressed
Slip with embroidering from Grandma and date of blessing
Charlotte was perfect the whole time she got dressed

Grandma Shelia did an amazing job making this was GORGEOUS!
Don't forget the bonnet!

Love my baby girl
  Proud Great-Grandparents
Grandma and Grandpa Neilson
Grandma and Grandpa Sheppard
Even more proud Grandparents

Aunt Annie (yes, like the pretzel place)
Grandma Tylyn can't ever get enough of Charlotte!
Men that stood in the circle

Aunt Robyn and Charlotte

Four generations
Both grandma's!
Four generations!
Our little Whitmore family :)
Daddy loving on Charlotte
She loves her Dad!

Nursery...A Work in Process

Guest Bed
Custom Pillows
Quilt made by my Grandmother

...the other side of the closet....
The top of the closet...this girl is set for a LONG time!

A Peek into the Whitmore's Home

We have been working really hard since the day we came home with Charlotte to get our apartment looking put together.  Last weekend, Josh and my dad painted the family room and baby/guest room.  It looks amazing.  While they were painting, my mom was busy sewing the baby bumpers for the crib (they look amazing!).  My parents have been a huge help in getting our apartment looking great.  Here are some pictures of what we are living in!

Family room couch and throw pillows my mom sewed together

Guest Bathroom

Finished kitchen table...Craigslist find

Oh yeah...remember wedding ring.  Yeah, still can't wear it :(
MamaRoo...Love this!
My side of the closet
                                          Josh's side of the closet (have you seen so many button-up shirts?)                                    
My best friend, the scale, telling me I only have seven pounds left of baby weight!

Shower curtain and cute shower hooks