Thursday, August 29, 2013

Life According to My iPhone

I haven't blogged in while...busy doing a lot of different things. Currently, we are enjoying the East Coast (blog posts to follow) but in the meantime, I will show you what we've been up too! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

11 Months Old

Yes, this is a day late, but Charlotte turned 11 months yesterday!  Can't believe she is getting closer to being ONE!  She is getting so big and has quite the personality.  She knows what things to do to make Josh and I laugh.  She makes silly faces, funny noises with her mouth, and is a chatter box (wonder who she gets that from)
She has eight teeth, so her smile is such a sight!  She eats anything and everything we give her.  She gives everything a try, at least, and after a couple bites she knows if she likes it or not.  She is also drinking out of sippy cups wonderfully!  I am down to one bottle of formula a day.  The weening happened a lot sooner than I thought.  Soon as I finish the last can of formula, I'm not buying anymore.  She is getting more used to whole milk, water, and orange juice.  At meal times, I try to give her a variety of foods.  I have a couple food theories that I will most likely blog about later.  
She is crawling all over the place, but no interest in walking yet.  She is still pulling herself up on the furniture and walking along that, but nothing on her own.  I try and help her holding her hands, but she just plops down.  She is pulling stuff off shelves and our home is not very child friendly, but we don't have much space to move things around.  I am trying to get her into dolls and a couple stuffed animals.  As long as I'm around, she will play with them well.  I see many years ahead playing house :)  
This last week, she switched over to a front-facing car seat and she is loving it.  She can see us and feel the air...she is in heaven.  I know several people don't agree with that, but that is the beauty of having our own opinions and families...we all know what is best for our children :)  And I also introduced her to Peanut Butter, with no reaction to follow.  Yippee!!  She has had a few PB&J's.  I love it.  
She is such a great baby girl and I love learning new things about her and parenting everyday.  I always tell people, being a parent is so much better than I ever anticipated!  There is not one day that goes by that I can't think of my life without Charlotte.  


Monday, August 5, 2013

Not a Fairy Tale

As most of you know, our weekly tradition is to go to Disneyland.  They recently built a new place where you meet the princesses.  There is always a really long line to meet the princesses and I have always refused to wait in line with Charlotte because she doesn't know better.  Although on Saturday, the line was ten minutes and Josh and I really wanted to see the inside of what they built.  We got inside, stood by Cinderella, and Charlotte was totally freaked out!  She went balistic and was clenching onto me for dear life!!  Each princess it just got worse.  She didn't want to look at them, let alone have them talk or touch her!  Josh and I were cracking up.  We had never seen her act like this. 

 We decided to go on some rides and that made her happy again.  I am just going to say, it will be a while longer before we attempt the Princess meeting again!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Good Day LA

The last two days, Josh has had to go to Los Angeles for training. Today, Charlotte and I tagged along since he was getting off at 3:00. We dropped him off at KPMG and headed to The Grove, an outdoor shopping mall. I got there around 8:45 am and it didn't open until 10:00. Fortunately, there is a Farmers Market attached to it that was open. It has a ton of food places inside, so Charlotte and I got waffles, eggs and bacon for breakfast! Yum!! 
After we walked around the vendors and a couple shops outside the mall, it was time to move the car in the parking structure and go have a blast!

I decided to take my time, since I had until 3:00. I just moseyed around, going in all the shops. I kept everything under control until the American Girl store!! It has always been my dream for my daughter(s) to play with my AG dolls (I have a Bitty Baby and Molly). When the stores finally started popping up I thought it would be the best if I could TAKE my girls to the store one day! Well, today was the day! Upon walking in,
it automatically became the best day! I would have to say it possibly passed the Disneyland excitement for the hour I was in there:) I had been planning on taking Molly with us to LA to get her all fixed up, and, of course, forgot her at home.  I got Charlotte out of the stroller for a while and she loved looking at all the dolls.  I told my mom and Josh that this was the best day ever!! You'll have to stay tune to her first birthday blog post to see what is in the large red bag!!!
After our little shopping spree, I noticed a huge line forming on a grassy area with Sprinkles Cupcake signs. I thought, I live by Sprinkles, I don't need one now. But, if you stand in line for a picture and hashtag them, you get a free cupcake with your picture on it. Why not? we waited 15 minutes and had a free cupcake!
Next we met up with Nicole at Cheesecake Factory for lunch! It was great to catch up! 
Shortly after a little more walking around, I went back to pick up Josh. We drove up to Colorado Blvd and ate dinner at this nice bistro. Then did more walking and shopping :)
I am constantly thanking Josh for providing a great life for me and Charlotte. I love the time I am able to spend with my baby girl. She is my BFF and we do everything together! It's so fun!! It was such a fun for the weekend!!! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Peanut Butter and the Reaction

No it's not a band name but its what happened today! You're not supposed to give babies peanut butter until one year old; we all know this. My theory, kids are having allergic reactions because they aren't being exposed to foods early enough. My plan was to take PB to her year check-up, so if something did happen, the doctor would be right there. Well, today we went up to Balboa Island and while I was eating my PB sandwich (yes, not PB&J), I decided to give Charlotte some because I wasn't alone. Melissa would save us!! I started on her hand...nothing! Side of the outside of her mouth...nothing! Then I just gave her some...SUCCESS! This is momentous if you ask me! I'm so grateful she has had no allergic reactions to ANYTHING so far!

Other pictures from this morning on the Island...