Saturday, September 7, 2013


Today is my Charlotte Lyn's birthday!  She is ONE!!  What?!  Where has the time gone?  I remember going to the hospital and everything going on like it was yesterday!!  This past year has been the best year EVER!  I was nervous last year with so much going on.  Graduation, moving, Josh starting his job, bringing a baby into this crazy world...but it all has gone very smoothly. 
Charlotte has helped me get through my first busy season- distracting me during Josh's long hours.  
Charlotte has become my BFF- we do everything together and it is quite fun.  
Charlotte is a great traveler- having her own passport and being a frequent flyer, she knows her way around the airport and airplane (yes she crawls up and down the aisle).  Charlotte loves eating- she tries everything we give her.  She loves fruit, bread, sweets, and even prune juice!
Charlotte has quite the personality- her facial expressions and noises keep us laughing all day long.  
Charlotte loves shopping- whether we are at the mall, Target or the grocery store, she loves sitting in a shopping cart and waving to everyone that walks by.  She loves being on the go, just like her mama!
Charlotte hates to get dressed- each day is a struggle.  Most people think that having a girl would be so fun to dress up.  While the clothes are adorable for little girls, the getting dressed part is not so fun.  That's why there are several days she stays in her pajamas!
Charlotte loves water- bathtime or swimming, this girl likes being around the waterworks!
Charlotte loves to talk- sitting in the backseat looking at me or playing on her rug at home, she talks, talks, talks.  I love hearing her little voice.  Her new word is "Wow!"  So far she has used it very appropriately; passing gas and falling off her chair have been my favorite times she has used the word so far!  
Her stats: 
Height: 31 1/4"
Weight: 22 lbs.
Head Circumference: 18"

(Party pictures coming soon!)


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