Wednesday, December 25, 2013

...And We Are HOMEOWNERS!!!

One little detail I left out on my post of our trip to Charlotte, was that by the time we left, we had put an offer on a brand new townhouse!!!  We were not planning on buying anything, especially that one little weekend we spent out there, but it really just fell into our lap.  We wanted to drive around and look at as many neighborhoods as possible.  I had several homes I wanted to look at; mostly brand new model homes.  What we can afford there is incredible.  Josh had thrown around the idea of getting something smaller but I never even entertained the thought. While we were looking at these GORGEOUS, brand new 5/6-bedroom homes, I kept thinking of all the cleaning and yard maintenance that I just am not ready for.  I get overwhelmed thinking about it.  Most of you know cleaning isn't my most favorite thing to do, so going from a two-bedroom apartment to a full fledged house just kind of blew my mind!  Of course, Josh was right, and knew that I would do much better in a smaller place.  While we driving around southwest Charlotte, we found a neighborhood with flags blowing advertising brand new townhouses.  We had some time to spare and went through the models.  The models were so outdated!  The neighborhood has been there for SEVEN years.  The original builder went belly-up a little bit ago, so a new company came into finish the community.  They had TWO townhouses left, both the largest model.  One just finished and we were able to walk through that.  It was a bit updated with granite in the kitchen and other updates such as no more TV nook, and no fireplace in the Master (really, who uses that?), and a couple other things.  It got us even more excited.  We thought that we could live in the townhouse for the next year or however long, and then turn around and rent it out while we upgrade once more.  
The next day we went back.  We felt so good about this place.  When we arrived, Michael, the salesman we were working with, was in his office with someone else.  Well that person purchased the finished townhouse we had just walked through!  I was getting really nervous.  We then talked to Michael about colors and upgrades to get the numbers.  We left and did a lot of homework that night...since this was not on our agenda.  It was like cramming for a test!  We just knew it was the perfect place for us.  
Sunday we went back after church and before leaving for the airport.  We left an offer had to wait a few days before it would get approved.  After countering (and all that fun stuff), there was a price that was agreed on!  We had the contract mailed overnight to us, we signed it and overnighted it back.  The whole process has been so calm and non-stressful.  I always thought when this day came, it would be crazy, hard, and STRESSFUL!  But Josh has made this so fun.  It's so nice that we are on the same page with similar taste and have the same long term goals.  It will be a gradual move into a three bedroom/three FULL bathroom.  Here are some pictures of when we were there.







Today we arrived in Charlotte, did our walk through, and got our keys!!!!  We even had the movers come today instead of tomorrow. We are all moved in!  It has been a long day but it all worked out flawlessly. We are really excited about our new little life here in North Carolina. Of course we are location, new job, meeting new people, new ward...but it will be a huge growing experience for us!

Now to get my decorating on!!! 


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Visit With Santa

Well it's Christmas Eve and we are just now getting around to a visit with Ol' Saint Nick!  Yep!  I put it on the back burner until I got to Utah (thinking it would be cheaper), then I found a couple FREE Santa stations, well, today they were closed.  Josh and I headed down to the outlets and once we got to Santa's little hut, we found out we had to pay.  We complained under our breaths and the lady working it said she would let us take them with our camera without a purchase from them.  "It's Christmas!" she said!  Well THANK YOU!!  From the cheapos ;)  
At first she was scoping out the place...

We backed her up into him and started snapping...

Then she turned around...

 It never got as bad as we expected it too!

Dad to the rescue...
Merry Christmas Eve!! From our family to yours...have a wonderful day tomorrow!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Performances

This time of year is BUSY!  I am realizing this the more I am here in Utah.  All four of the little kids have Christmas performances at school this week.  Today was Gregory and Gracee.  We went and showed our support.  They were excited to see us.  This morning started out with Gregory...

Gregory and his teacher

Took off her headband and put it back on herself :)

Found Mom and Dad in the back
Then this afternoon was Gracee's performance (Charlotte stayed home and took a nap!)...
Lining up
The whole third grade
Rockin' out to one of the songs

 William and Lillee's class came in to watch, so they sat with us. 
Gracee and her teacher, Mrs. Pope
I got really excited for when Charlotte will be doing these performances!  I'm sure I will get there super early and be on the front seat!!  haha

Late Thanksgiving Pictures

Here are some more Thanksgiving pictures...just was able to upload them from my camera :)



MEN watching Football

The Pulsipher Family
Robyn and Matthew...they are engaged to be married!
The night ended with a few games of SPOONS
Group shot