Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Write-Ups

I am going to try a new thing and see what kind of response I get.  I am always wondering about products and I am sure many other women (and possibly men) are too.  Why not write about my experience to help others with their decisions?  Every Wednesday, I will, in a sense, review a product, so you know if it's worth buying for your own needs.  This is what I will call...

First on the list?  Dry Shampoo.  A couple weeks ago, I put a post on Facebook asking what everyone's favorite Dry Shampoo is.   I have tried Bumble and Bumble and loved how it made my hair looked, but it left the brown color on my fingers after I would style and massage the powder into my scalp.  And for the price, I did not want to deal with that again.  I received several suggestions.  When I was out shopping one day, I was in Urban Outfitters and happened to see Batiste (which Michelle recommend).  It was $8 so I bought a bottle.  I really do like it a lot!  I don't get brown coloring on my fingers at all and it makes my hair look great!  I think when I'm done with it, I will try more, just to see what they are like.  But if you are in the market for Dry Shampoo, this is a great contender!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nothing I Hate More...

There is nothing I hate more than wanting to lose weight. Growing up I never had to worry about it.  I have always been thin and honestly, for the first 24 years of my life, I don't even remember having much of an appetite.  I got married at my ideal weight and gained TWENTY pounds in NINE months (that's like getting pregnant with no baby at the end)!  Josh hates when I talk about it.  I was put on Depo Provera and I didn't do any research (you live and learn).  I didn't know that weight gain was a side least as much as I gained.  All of a sudden I loved food and my appetite increased a lot.  Long story short, I would love to loose those twenty pounds.  BUT, I hate to diet. I love the flexibility of eating whatever, WHENEVER I want.  I feel like when I am trying to lose weight, I think about food more, therefore, wandering into the kitchen even when I'm not hungry.  I feel like I really am not all that hungry these days, but if I'm home all day (like today), I tend to eat more.  One reason I love being on the go...I hardly eat. I feel like I have the body type that hits a plateau and doesn't change.  I don't care what the scale says, I care what my middle looks like; what I'll look like in a swimsuit or at my ten year reunion or if I have a muffin top over my jeans.  I only like working out because of the feeling AFTER the workout is done.  I haven't been able to workout for a few days, but today, just now, I finally put in Jillian Michaels 6-pack in 6 weeks while Charlotte is napping.  I tell Charlotte all the time, "you must not want a skinny mom."  Haha.  And of course I rather play with her instead of exercise, but I know I need to make more time and just bite the bullet and do it!

I am sure I relate to someone else out there, right?  Someone else that hates to workout and diet but finds it necessary? 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Charlotte Doesn't Want to Play...or Smile

I am borrowing a baby saucer from Abby to see if its worth investing in one for Charlotte.  I put her in it everyday, in hopes of a new reaction.  She has yet to really enjoy it. 


She much rather play with electronics!
Earlier today we went to Disneyland for a couple hours to drop off Annie and her friend.  We went on Peter Pan and walked around for two hours.  Great, but early, morning!

Tag Line

I have been trying to figure out a tag line for quite sometime.  Something that would appeal to people like me...or not like me.  Something that would grab the attention of passerby's.  But than I thought, why get really creative?  Why not just simply state what it is my blog is about.  Me!  A house wife!  When we watch "Real Housewives of Orange County/Beverly Hills/Atlanta/NYC...etc"  that is not portraying what a real housewife does everyday.  Getting all glammed up, going to fashion shows, going glamping, posing in photo shoots...yeah welcome to my everyday life...NOT!  Hence my tag line, "The Real Life of a House Wife."  Hope you enjoy! 

Next step to re-vamping the style of template.  This may take a little longer :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Baby Valentine

Josh and I will be celebrating Valentine's this weekend due to crazy work hours, but Charlotte and I will celebrate today!  Josh has been on me about not using our camera enough (waiting for our computer to get here for photo organization and editing) and after seeing Melissa's adorable photo shoot, I thought, I should take photos documenting Charlotte's first Valentine's Day on something besides my phone! She would not give me a smile to save her life!!


14 Days of Valentines

This year, I wanted to do something fun and creative for Josh leading up to Valentines. I thought of getting him small gifts each day, but the cost would add up fast and he would just say, "I don't need all this." So I thought I could do little treats each day that he could munch on or take to work. I forgot to take pictures of a couple days and they're not in the order I gave them to Josh, but here is what the beginning of our month has looked like:

Reese's Heart-shaped can use anything though!

Gummy Bears


Swedish Fish

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not-a-Stay-At-Hom Mom

I never am at home! And I like it that way. I am always up for a fun day out with my bestie, Charlotte. Today I noticed that Sprinkles had a buy one, get one free so I thought, that's where we will go today. Luckily for us, Josh doesn't work too far away so we went and got a cupcake for me and him (red velvet and salted carmel) and then met him during his lunch hour. Charlotte loves her daddy and loves to get loves from him. She closes her eyes and laughs. Perfection! After, Charlotte and I went back to Fashion Island for a few hours just to walk around and enjoy the beautiful weather. Love days like this. The house is a mess but who cares?! ;)

On a side note...Charlotte is teething right now so she isn't happy unless she is chewing in her finger or eating. It makes me so sad :( Once we got home, I tried some Tylenol and it has worked like a charm.

Does the Babysitter Sit Upon the Baby?

This past weekend, I babysat for the Perry family. There were three girls...13, 8, and 2. They loved Charlotte, didn't want to leave the house (which was nice) and very light eaters (not used to that with my siblings). It was my first long-term babysitting job since my family has left and I hope not my last (hint, hint OC families).

Saturday was the George twins birthday party. I ran over there really quick to check it out and of was awesome!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Five Months Old

Charlotte turned five months today! WHAT?! I can't even believe five months ago today we were at the hospital welcoming her into this world! As each month goes by she gets more interactive. She is no into smacking her lips, smacking me on the face, and talking. It is adorable to watch and be apart of! She is also grabbing things I am holding, on the table, and wherever else. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (when I'm getting ready) and when I sing to her (as long as she isn't hungry). She has rolled over a couple times and I'm hoping she does it more! She scoots everywhere and I can't ever leave her on the bed unsupervised.

Today I had a cardiology appointment close to Disneyland. After the appointment, we had lunch with my grandparents and Aunt Robyn and then headed over to the happiest place on earth! What a way to spend your five month birthday! Of course she slept almost the whole time we were there!!