Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Magic Kingdom

Around Thanksgiving, Josh and I decided that we would do a little family vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Josh had been so fortunate to get a generous amount of time off from work to spend with family this year. I thought it would be great to do a little trip with just the three of us while he already has taken the time off. I've always wanted to visit Disney World and now living so close, well, it was the perfect opportunity!!

We drove up Monday, after finishing a bunch of little things we needed to get done after being gone for eight days! We hit a lot of traffic and bad weather, which made the drive longer than we originally thought. But we finally made it to our Expedia-reserved hotel. Since we decided so late to do this trip, there were no Disney resorts available. Now after doing the first day without staying in the resort, I don't think I would ever come back without staying on the property. It took us an hour just to get into the park. Our hotel advertised a shuttle, but when asked the schedule, it only left twice a day. The first time not until 11 am! It's pretty much a dive, but we wanted something close and cheap (considering it is the holidays and so last minute). I'm pretty sure I heard gun shots at 4:00 this morning, but I'll pretend they were something else ;) We gave Charlotte some Sophia the First pj's and she was in heaven! 

Monday morning we got ready to go, brought stuff for breakfast to eat in our room, and started the trek to the park.

We finally arrived on the Disney property, parked, took a team to will call, got on a ferry to get to the Magic Kingdom and entered the park! Phew!  From then on out, it was pure magic!! 

I know it sounds crazy, but I literally had to hold back the tears while walking down Main Street. It was perfection! Everything was just BIGGER than Disneyland. There were no bottle necks anywhere! I told Josh later in the day that it seems like Disneyland was the practice park and everything was perfected in the Magic Kingdom. 

This how Josh and I rode the rides...alone. 

One highlight of the day was eating at "Be Our Guest." We weren't able to make dinner reservations, so we went for an early lunch. It was so good. And make you you try the "grey stuff" really is delicious!

We ate in the ballroom and it was decorated beautifully for Christmas. The food was great and the waiter even brought a new entree for Charlotte when she didn't want to eat the original thing we ordered for her! 

The fanciest soda machine

I have never been able to get a "1st Visit" button.  I was pretty excited!

At 4:45, we headed to the castle to see Elsa turn it to ice. It was definitely worth the wait (until 6:00). It was beautiful!! Charlotte loved it too. We had bought her a little toy Minnie with a car earlier when she fell asleep. That kept her occupied during our long wait! There was a little Christmas show with some characters as well, while we waited. 

Is that the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?  

I hope I told Josh enough times "thank you" yesterday! It seriously was such a memorable day and I'm so glad we could spend some time as a family doing something we (at least Josh and I) will remember for a long time! 

Up next? Animal Kingdom! 


  1. Oh what fun!!! I wish we could be there with you guys!! And you are such a sweet wife, that you kept saying "thank you" to Josh :)

  2. I think I have read this post 10x already! I would LOVE a trip to Disneyworld!! someday.. sigh. Your trip looked so magical! I am so happy you got to go!