Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cozy Day Must-Haves

Growing up in sunny, southern California, I didn't really know (or at least take advantage) of cold days.  Days where I could bundle up by the fireplace.  Often times I wondered why the houses were even built with fireplaces!  Now that I'm older and have lived in Idaho, Utah, Virginia, and now, North Carolina, I can appreciate the days where I want to bundle up and get cozy! Thank you to Parachute Home for inspiring this post, I have complied some of the things that I love to get all snug with on these chillier days.  
1.) 1 & 4 really go together.  Nothing beats some great hot chocolate in a fun mug.  Thanks to these seasonal mugs at Anthro...they make the hot chocolate taste fancy ;)
Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug 

2.) When we purchased our Love Sac earlier this year, we lucked out on a whole package being thrown into the mix!  One of the items we received was a Foot Sac.  It's a blanket with pockets for your feet at the bottom!  One pocket for each person.  So not only is it great to cuddle under, but your feet can stay warm in their own space!
Footsac Blanket

3.) Ugg slippers are an absolute must for the cold season.  I never really thought about getting slippers at all until I started visiting my in-laws in Connecticut.  If you've ever been to the Northeast, you know how cold it gets.  I hate walking around in socks because they are so slippery and only keep your feet so warm.  I love my Ugg boots, so I thought, why not ask for the slippers.  Although they can be a bit pricey, I do not regret them at all.  I wear them ALL THE TIME!  In fact, I have them on now!  They are the most yummy house shoes!
Dakota Ugg Slippers

4.) Making hot chocolate can be done different ways...microwave, stove...or the Cocomotion machine.  My sister had one of these when she lived in Utah and I always wanted one.  Bed, Bath and Beyond stopped selling them a couple years back, but luckily I had a friend selling hers.  I purchased it for $20 and what an amazing job it does.  It "froths" the coco and milk just right and the temperature is always spot on.  We use it several times a week here at the Whitmore house.  (And, of course, top it off with lots of whip cream!)
Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker

5.) Once again, Anthropologie has done it again with their scent, Capri.  Nothing says "let's get cozy" more than a scented candle flickering in the background!
Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle

6.) I am not much of a reader, but I LOVE getting a load of magazines in the mail.  They usually all come at once...yes, there are several I get.  I love looking at the latest home and fashion trends, reading the inspirational stories, getting financial advice, and more.  Flipping through the pages is such a relaxing thing for me!
Real Simple

7.) Lots of places sell sweats, and for super cheap, but a couple years ago, I purchased J. Crew's sweat leggings and never looked back.  I love that I could wear these out and about by dressing them up and wearing some cute loafers or I could just lounge around the house in them.  These sweats have made me a sweat snob and I definitely need more of them!  They are soft, comfortable and stylish.  What more do you need...lounging around your house...?
Whisper Jersey Leggings

8.) Parachute Bedding offers several different items for your bed, including the essentials...sheets.  I love the powder color.  They match my Pottery Barn duvet perfectly and would be awesome to add to any cozy day!
Sheet Set

We all have our own cozy must-haves!  What are yours?  I'd love to try them!

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