Friday, January 9, 2015

WDW: Animal Kingdom

Our second day in Florida was spent at the Animal Kingdom. It was New Years Eve and I just knew we didn't want to be at the Magic Kingdom with all the crowds. This was a little less magical, but still cool to see. It was kind of a glorified zoo! It was also separated into countries, which was neat to see different cultures. 

The day started out with "It's Tough to be a Bug." Charlotte screamed through the whole thing. It was too dark and scary, apparently. 

While Josh went on a ride, Charlotte and I ran to the restroom, only to see a longtime friend standing in the entrance! It was so fun catching up with Melissa! I mean, what are the chances?!

My favorite part of this park was the Lion King show in Africa. Wow! If you go to this park, it's a must see! Acrobats, singing, and other performances. We did not have a Fast Pass for this, but it was worth the wait!

If you are an animal lover (or not), you'll love the Safari. Aside from feeling like I was going to fall out the whole time, it was pretty neat to see how Disney recreated the wild right there! 

The last attraction I recommend is Mount Everst. We did a Fast Pass for this and literally walked right on. We went alone. Luckily, I sat next to a girl who worked there so she prepped me for what was about to come. It's an awesome ride and nothing what I had expected! Another recommendation!

Here are a few more photos throughout the day. 

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