Thursday, December 11, 2014


This year, I am trying to concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas.  Of course, I am human and I can get carried away with the commercialism of the holiday season, who doesn't?  But I really want to start traditions that focus on others.  Charlotte is young enough that if I start now, I can get in a habit that will continue the rest of her life (while at home and, hopefully, once she moves out).  
One thing I have seen over the past couple years are care packages that are distributed to the homeless.  I have always been one to give money or food when I see people on street corners holding signs, but I wanted to do more than that!  This time of year is about Christ, so I wanted to incorporate Him into these care packages.  
I have been telling myself for the past several months to get these packets put together.  After encountering a homeless man and having the missionaries stop by our house (on the same day) to explain the #ShareTheGift initiative, I knew I couldn't waste anymore time.  I spread everything out on the table and had Charlotte fill up all the bags.  She loved being "Mommy's helper."  Even though she had no clue what we were doing, I know that as we do this every year, she will start to understand.  Just trying to start young :)

The Elders showed us the movie, "He Is The Gift," and introduced us to the pass-along-cards found in this months Ensign.  I thought to myself, "that's what I am putting in my care packages!" 
These little Christmas cards (what I call them), are a message of peace and hope.  A reminder of Christ and what this season is really about!

Care Packages:
I had seen a lot of great ideas on Pinterest, but decided to mainly use stuff I already had in my cupboards.  Luckily, I had just done a ton of grocery shopping, so I raided my own cabinets (green highlighted items are from Dollar Tree)!  As you can see, I just used gallon Ziplock bags (nothing fancy) to hold everything and a bow to make it more like a present.  

Here is the breakdown of items + the price per unit:

Book of Mormon: FREE
"He is the Gift" card: FREE
Tissue packets: $0.13
Band Aids: $0.08
Gum: $0.25
Candy Cane: $0.08
Water bottle: $0.10
Fiber One bars: $0.37
Applesauce pouches: $0.56
Nature Valley bars: $0.39
TOTAL: $1.96
For less than $20 I was able to fill ten bags and hopefully #ShareTheGift with those around Charlotte!
How will you #ShareTheGift?

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