Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas in Connecticut

We have spent the last week in Connecticut and had a great time with Josh's family. The weather was amazing (according to ONLY me) with sunny days, fun-filled activities and lots of shopping! 

We left Friday after Josh got home from work early and arrived at 2 am. Saturday, we ran a couple places and Josh's older sister, Rachel, and her family arrived. Each night, Charlotte stayed up very late. It was a battle that wasn't worth fighting. Toward the end of the week, we tried putting her to bed earlier. It's hard for Santa to come when your toddler is up til midnight...wide awake and happy! 

Sunday, we all went to church and enjoyed a relaxing day at home. Tess turned 3 and we celebrated her birthday that evening. 

Then the week started. Monday morning we woke up to the only snowfall. The kids were in heaven and took advantage of the little snow we got.

The kids also fell in love with Rock Band and played frequently. Charlotte loved hanging out with her cousins and was the singer for the band ;) 

Meg and Adam came on Tuesday and revealed the sex of their baby. IT'S A GIRL!! They sprayed pink silly string on the kids and boy were we shocked. We were all convinced they were having a boy (even bought boy clothes for them). 

Here are a few pictures leading up to Christmas Day...

Christmas Eve we decided to forego the traditional meal and ate at the food court of the mall after taking a spin on the carousel. It was very fun and again, the kids loved it! 

Once we got home, the kiddos got their Christmas pj's and were so excited for Santa to come! 

Eve had the kids reenact the Christmas story. Charlotte was supposed to be the angel but didn't cooperate very well. She did stand in for pictures though. It was adorable to see Tess come in as Mary, Bennett as Joseph and Liam and Adam as the wise men. What a fun tradition I hope we continue to do! The kid portion of the night ended with putting out milk, cookies and carrots out for Santa and the Reindeer.  

Our room was the party/wrapping room.  Christmas Eve had been the second night where we had lots of company and everyone was doing last minute wrapping!

One of the many desserts we had during the week...and a new favorite.  Oreo Delight.  

Finally it was Christmas! I woke up before Charlotte and Josh. I went down and the rest of kids and Adam and Meg were awake. They allophones their stockings and Santa gifts. Charlotte eventually woke up, too. She was a little too tired to appreciate what she received ;) I think it was more fun for me.   Rachel and I made homemade cinnamon rolls (both our first time) and they turned out so great! I feel a little more confident to make them again...and on my own.  Eek!

Look at this weather we had!  Gorgeous!  

Later that night, we had a delicious dinner and the adults opened presents.  We did it a little backward, opening our stockings after the kids went down for bed (except for Charlotte).  We also played Pictionary, which was a ton of fun!!  

Josh surprised me at dinner with this MASSIVE cinnamon roll he had found while doing a grocery store run.  Thanks for thinking of me!  

Saturday, we did our annual trip to Duck Pin Bowling.  Charlotte was more concerned about Meg's purse... We always have such a fun time as a family.  I, personally, am no good at this kind of bowling.  It's in it's own league!!

Charlotte's first pigtails.  I was dying!!

A HUGE thank you to Rick and Eve for making Christmas so fun and enjoyable.  Despite the long drive, it was a great trip!!  It's always fun to be with Josh's family and Charlotte loves being with her cousins!  We have seen each other a lot this year and have made so many fun memories.  

I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas and that the magic of the holidays continues through New Years!!  


  1. So fun!! I love that you're good at capturing all the little things. Paints a good pic of the week! And even though I look a little rough and you can tell it's morning, I like that pic you got of me with Zach in his cute Christmas Jammies! He looks too cute and cozy :) wish you guys were still here!

  2. Looks like such a fun time!! And I was absolutely cracking up over the Rock Band pic and how Charlotte was the lead singer! Oh my adorable! Happy New Year!!