Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014: Pretty much the rest :)

I don't know if you're sick of looking at all the pictures I'm posting from my Thanksgiving trip, but I need to document them. Here is the rest of my time in Utah, in pictures!

Had to take the girls shopping with me one day.  They were a hoot.  And really good!!  

I am still working on my mom to let Gracee come live with me!  Her and Charlotte are amazing together.  We miss you Gracee!

Annie works at Zurchers.  What's that?  The best party store EVER! Gracee, Charlotte and I went to visit her one night and took her a Chick-Fil-A shake.  

The Christmas tree went up.  We are still waiting to get ours up.  I am coming to the point where it wouldn't be worth it this year :(

Charlotte will be anyone's friend if they have ice cream.  Smart girl!

Finally found the Target dog!

We did a lot of home shopping.  If you haven't seen or heard, my parents just renovated their whole house.  As long as she can "drive" the cart, she's happy!

Charlotte was obsessed with the dogs.  She kept asking for them once we were home too.  I am pretty sure she thinks every dog is called "Bo Bo!"

Charlotte thinks she is as big as the twins!

Watched Gracee and Lillee's Singer's Company performance at the Festival of Trees!

It was such a fun trip and I truly was sad to come home.  I hope it's not another year before I'm back in Utah!

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