Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend to Celebrate

This time comes every anniversary, birthday, AND Mother's Day. I jokingly tell people all the time that I got jipped! Three big "holidays" so close together, but in reality, it's one big celebration and Josh never disappoints. 

This year we decided to celebrate my birthday and Mother's Day up in the mountains of Asheville, NC at the famous Biltmore Estate. It was about a three hour drive and we wanted to leave first thing in the morning of my birthday. 

The night before is when the party began.  We went to Brusters Ice Cream for my free birthday scoop. Anyone under 40" gets a free baby cone, too!  

When we returned home, I opened presents! I'm all about enjoying the moments and didn't want to be rushed before we took off in the morning. We put Charlotte to bed and ran downstairs. Josh was more anxious than I was! He got me some fun things including the Cameron Diaz Body book that we both saw in an interview a while back and were interested in reading. And he got me a FitBit...can you see a theme? I've been working out and really been watching what I are (except this weekend). Over the last three weeks I've lost ten pounds, so there is a lot of talk about working out and trying to eat healthier (...again, not this weekend). Thank you for the other gifts I receive ed from parents and grandparents and siblings. 

Saturday was the day! The day I turned 29!!! I still can't believe I'm that age. I have experienced so much in these short 29 years, I can only imagine what my next 29 will hold! We got everything together and left! Once we arrived in Asheville, we were all excited. And of course, Charlotte didn't sleep at all during the drive (resulting in her falling asleep in the estate). We received our tickets at Costco (two days for the price of one) and went right in the house. Calling it a house is an understatement and calling it a mansion is not doing it justice! Josh did the audio tour (which came highly recommended), but with a one year old, forget it. Charlotte wanted to keep moving and the tour was slowing her down! We took the umbrella stroller due to the skinny hallways and many stairs we had to climb. Towards the end she sat in it and conked out. 

After the house, we walked around the shops, got a treat, and then headed for the Gardens. 

We eventually got rained...excuse me...POURED on! We stood under a very full tree for quite some time and then just made a run for it. Luckily, we had two day tickets!

After our somewhat quick trip to Biltmore, we wnt to the J. Crew distribution center. Perks to living in more affordable areas is that is where big companies set up shop! We did a little bit of shopping and then to dinner. 

We kept it classy at the Olive Garden ;) For some reason, we drove past it and it sounded so good. Unfortunately, I didn't really love my meal (that's why I don't try new things). But the breadsticks made up for it. 

We checked into the hotel, relaxed and feel asleep pretty quickly. With Charlotte in our room, the lights go out and we have to be really quiet for her to fall asleep, so might as well go to sleep too. 

Sunday morning, we had breakfast at the hotel and opened my Mother's Day card and gift. I was thrilled to add to my collection of Alex and Ani bracelets with this little gem.

After, we headed straight over to Biltmore. There was not a cloud in the sky!! We went to the Gardrns first. There was hardly anyone there and we were able to take lots of pictures and Charlotte was in heaven running all over the place! 

We walked around for a while, went back to the front of the house and then down to Antler Village. 




Here we are at Cedric's Tavern...

Saw some animals at the farm...

And a few other fun and kid-friendly activities for Charlotte! We ended up leaving after getting ice cream at the Creamery. 

It was such a fun weekend, great scenery, and of course great company with my two favorite people! Thanks Josh for the perfect weekend. And thanks to Charlotte for making me a mom and being the funnest little BFF I could ask for! 

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