Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What Does a Body Good?

Today marks three weeks and two days of no milk and no Diet Coke.  Yes, it's a miracle, but more importantly, it's a gradual change in my effort to consume healthier foods.  Now I am not saying milk is unhealthy.  Come on, "it does a body good."  But I do think it has a lot to do with my skin breaking out.  Which hasn't been happening.  And Diet Coke...well, we all know what's in it and I'm not one that will preach about it.  I just wanted to make a couple changes in MY diet and see results, which I have.   And I am not here to tell YOU to quit these drinks.  It's a personal choice.  For the last three weeks it's been water only!  I'm not bored of it yet, but I have a feeling it will come someday.

Recently, Josh and I tried a program called, Isagenix.  The thing that appealed to us about this was the fact that it is a cleanse.  Weren't you really involved with BeachBody, Tiersha?  Yes!  And I would still recommend it.  I have been working out, using BB, and doing the Isa diet.  In the first week, I lost nine pounds.  Yes!  I was dropping weight like crazy!  Then I had a couple of bad days (including my anniversary dinner).  But over three weeks time, I lost ten pounds total.  We both loved it and look forward to doing it again next month.  It was a great jump start to getting over the plateau that I have been at since the holidays.

When I moved to Charlotte, I was a little depressed, to say the least.  I had gained back all the weight I had lost, was at my heaviest and had zero motivation to work out.  It was cold (something called, Polar Vortex sound familiar?) and bored, so I did what any other human being would do...turn to food, right?  I was buying cookies, ice cream and other sweets and baking a ton.  I finally came to terms with getting back into a routine of working out and watching what I ate.  I had done it before and felt better than ever!  I knew I could do it again.  And I have!  Of course, I still believe everything can be consumed in moderation.  Does that mean everyday?  For me personally, no.  But when special occasions come up, yes.  My trip to CA may be a little difficult, but I am going to try! I also work out five days a week.  What they always say on the workout DVD's is, if you want to look like them, you have to work hard.  And it's so true.  It's hard work but it pays off and I love the feeling after a great workout.

The key to weight loss, I have found, is that you have to find what works for YOU!  There are several BB workouts that lots of people love.  I have only found one that I really enjoy.  Les Mills Combat.  I also needed to find a "diet" that I enjoy.  I am not starving while doing Isagenix, I am receiving all the nutrients I need, I feel super healthy throughout the day, there are plenty of "normal" foods you can still eat when not consuming the shakes, and I just really liked everything about it.  If you do want to know more, I'm not expert, but I'd love to share my experience with anyone interested.

This is my favorite Isa transformation yet.  Another Mormon woman who lost half her body weight!

I'm not going to fill my FB news feed with workout stories and pictures...so if you really want to know, you can check out the blog :)

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  1. Looking at your blog pictures and I think you are looking fantastic! Motivation for me to keep on going. You are a great inspiration to me. Keep it up!