Friday, May 23, 2014

Disney Days

It would not even be an option to come to Orange County for nine days and not go to Disneyland! The plan all along was to go all day on Monday. But when I started looking at tickets (Sunday night), I realized I could get a 3-day 1-park pass for $159 (with my SoCal drivers license) or one day park hopper for $150. Well, that's a no brainer! 

My aunt Robyn took the day off of work, my grandparents came and my mom. We had such a great time. We got there right after the park opened and tried to stay as long as we could last. 

Four Generations

Casey Jr. Selfie

Sleepy girl

After she woke up from her nap, I slipped her Rapunzel dress on. At that moment, all my "daughter dreams" were coming true! (Ok, I might be a little overboard, but I've always looked forward to Charlotte wearing a princess dress around Disneyland!) 

On our way out, Grandma Tylyn bought her some stylish Minnie Mouse sunglasses. She instantly became the cool girl in town. 

And we ended our day with Jamba Juices! It was such a fun day, since we didn't have to cram everything in in one day! 

Tuesday we returned later in the afternoon. We were all a little tired from the start, but we loved California Adventures! We started by catching the last Disney Junior show. Pretty sure Charlotte was in heaven. I just wish they would change the show every once and a while!! 

The rest of the day we just played! It's so nice not having a schedule or anywhere to be. We could take as little or as much time as we wanted. 

After several attempts to take a selfie on Ariel, we gave up

Radiator Springs

Our third (and final) day, Thursday, was the most productive. We arrived early for Magic Hour (an hour before the park opens to the public). We headed straight for Peter Pan and did some more Fantasyland rides before grabbing breakfast. We did about five rides in one hour!!

Rare moment of NOBODY taking a picture here

Each day we went was magical. I'm so glad we had the three days to enjoy! Charlotte loved being with her grandma. Who knows how many of her cousins will ever get the one-on-one time? Our next stop...Disney World? 

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I can't wait to go again! Charlotte looked adorable in her princess dress!