Friday, May 30, 2014

Nap time

Nap time has dwindled down to once a day in our home, which is never a favorite transition for most mothers I've talked too.  Luckily, Charlotte takes a pretty long nap where I can get a lot done.  Some days, like today, she doesn't show any signs of being tired.  Although, I know if I don't put her down for a nap, I'm going to regret it later on in the day when it's too late.  I put her down and she just cried hysterically for like twenty minutes.  I finally went in to see if giving her a binkie would calm her down.  Nope!  So I took her out of the crib and laid down in my bed.  She loves Mommy and Daddy's bed...doesn't every child?  I laid down next to her, facing her, and she held onto my nose (?).  I rubbed her back and she just looked at me.  Oh, those are the moments I cherish!  She started to fall asleep so I tried to slip away.  She grabbed tighter to my nose.  I tried everything in my power not to laugh.  She is such a stink.  She then moved her hand around my face, with her eyes closed, making sure I was still there.  Of course I ran to get my camera.  I love documenting her life and the little moments like these.  Now to get my workout in and clean the house before the weekend!

There is nothing more than the feeling of being needed and wanted.  Motherhood really brings that to a whole new level.  I love that I'm the one that can comfort her, bring her peace and protect her.  There are lots of great aspects about being a mom, but I think those are my favorite.      

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