Saturday, May 31, 2014

House Tour: Charlotte's Bedroom and Bathroom

I will continue to do the house pictures slowly.  This weekend we had visitors, which always means it's time to clean...seriously!  Of course, Charlotte's room is always filled with toys everywhere.  I figured I would pick up all the toys in time for our guests to come (and take pictures).  Not even five minutes after her room was SPOTLESS, she destroyed it!  Luckily, I got the pictures as she was coming in and playing.  If you could only see the room doesn't even look like the same room ;)
There are still some things I need to finish (and luckily my mom is coming next week).  But you get the main idea.  I really love the idea of a little girls room being PINK, but (before I knew I wasn't having more children) I thought we should do a color that could be for both a boy and girl.  The turquoise won and I LOVE how it turned out.  I wanted her bedroom and bathroom to match; that's why they are the same paint color, accented stripe wall, and matching wall art (above her kitchen and in her bathroom).  It's big enough 

Kitchen, Shopping car, and doll bunk beds were all Craigslist finds!

Rocking chair was my grandmother's and she also made the quilt when Charlotte was born.



  1. You are seriously talented! I love Charlotte's room and bathroom! And I can not believe and at the same time I am extremely jealous that you got that cute kitchen set on Craigslist!