Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Utah Adventure

From February 24 through March 4, I went up to Utah to babysit while my parents went to Cancun. I first agreed to this due to Josh's late nights during "busy season." Of course the while time I was up there, Josh got off at like 6/6:30 and there was so much going on with the Neilson's that I missed. It was an exhausting week and I commend my parents for doing what they do day in and day out. They definitely needed the break! It was pretty fine throughout the week. And Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, all the kids are in school AND the bus comes to get them all! I was able to see Josh's cousins, Meg and Adam, Kasey, Raegan and Preston and Kari and the boys! The weekend was the hardest part. I started getting really sick on Friday and by Saturday I was full-fledge sick; like thought I woad going to have to drive myself to the ER! Sunday I could feel it getting better and by Monday I was feeling good. My parents came home Sunday evening and Monday we went out and about including the outlets. I was ready to get back home to Josh. We e never been apart that long and I never want to be apart again!

Our journey to Utah...with a two-hour layover

Hanging out


The Rigdons came to play!

Tried her first Cherrio...mixed feelings

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  1. I love the last picture on the bottom left... She looks SO old!