Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gram's Here!

From March 6-13, Josh's mom, Eve, came into town to hang out with us.  It was such a fun week!  We shopped til we dropped, ate great food, and saw Celine Dion in Vegas!!!

Eve was able to experience Nordstrom Rack, California Pizza Kitchen (for the first time...a new favorite), all our outdoor malls, Sprinkles, and a walk around Lake Mission Viejo.  On Saturday, Josh was off of work and was able to drive us to Las Vegas and watch Charlotte during the concert.  It was incredible.  We even cried!  Celine is absolutely the best.  It was such a different show than her last (that I saw in 2006).  The next day, before leaving, we hit the outlets (of course).  Meg also flew in for the weekend.

It was a great stay and I wish she could have stayed longer.  She is making her rounds seeing all her kids and the whole family will be together the day after my birthday in the Dominican Republic!!  Can't wait!!

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