Sunday, March 24, 2013

Enjoying Orange County

Saturday was probably one of the best days since we have lived here.  Although we complain about the Orange County real estate and rental prices, we love living here.  There really is so much to do, mostly all outdoors, because of the amazing weather year round. 

Our day started by dropping off Charlotte at my grandparents while we ran over to Disneyland to enjoy my first experience at Club 33.  KPMG has a membership and to say thank you to for the last last busy assignment, a partner and manager took three of the guys that worked on the assignment and everyone brought a significant other.  When Josh told me about this, like a month ago, I couldn't believe it.  I was stoked!  He went during his internship, but wasn't able to bring me and I was so jealous.  But I just had to be patient and finally got to go.  I had to capture a lot of my experience, but not too much where Josh felt humiliated! 

Been waiting a long time for my picture here

Josh, Wale, and Steven

The decor was very random

Took this elevator...four of us were in it and basically on top of each other

Menu (and trying my camera out)
Lunch menu

Josh and I ordered the same thing...we always do

Place setting

Sea food buffet

More decor

Dessert buffet (the cheesecake was amazing)

The bathrooms...quite the experience alone

Memorabilia you can purcahse

Josh's buffet plate before the entree came

Josh ordered this Tinkerbell light-up clip and cup for "Charlotte"
After we were done with lunch, we went to pick up Charlotte and headed down to Balboa Island, where we met with Jack, Joanna and Molly.  We hung out, they got their first Balboa Bar, ate at BJ's, walked on the pier, took the ferry across, visited with Rick, Arlene and Luke, and just enjoyed the beautiful evening.  Perfect day!  And that's why we love living here!

The cutest fire station

Just chillin'

First Balboa bar

Oh Hello!

I can see why twins would be a lot of fun

Marriage proposal up in the sky


There was something going on in every picture we took...this was the best


The whole gang at BJ's

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