Monday, June 23, 2014

Adventures in DC

This weekend, Josh's cousin, Amy, was getting married in the Washington DC temple.  We figure it was close enough to drive, so we did!  We left Friday afternoon and got there around the same time all the other Whitmores were trickling in.  The majority of us stayed in the same hotel, so it was fun to see everyone at breakfast each morning.  
The day of the wedding, we ate breakfast, got ready and left for the temple.  We had to leave Charlotte at the Visitors Center with all the other kids and she screamed when we ran out, but she calmed down during the time we were in the temple.  After the sealing, we went out to wait for the new couple!  I tried to take a couple pictures of Charlotte around the temple while we waited, but she wasn't cooperating (big surprise) and then it started raining. 

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Shurtz!

After the sealing, we went to the luncheon, catered by Cafe Rio!  The east coast just got their first one in DC!  Hopefully they start spreading more south ;)  During the luncheon, there were several toasts given.  Everyone who spoke, talked highly about the couple and their determination to make this marriage be very strong.  It was nice to hear from the groom's family, since none of us really know them.  They seem like a wonderful family and I'm sure Amy is going to have a great time with all of them.  

We went back to the hotel for a couple hours after we ate, and took a snooze.  Charlotte was out before we exited the parking lot.  Luckily, she stayed asleep once we got her on the bed.  We were a little late to the reception because Charlotte kept sleeping, but we got there right before they cut the we didn't miss anything.  There were great desserts and lots of dancing.  The dancing started by Amy's four sisters and BIL doing a choreographed dance.  It was the highlight of the reception!  You all did such a great job.  Trent, you are one heck of a man to get up there.  It was awesome!  And if you don't believe I am turning into my husband, this should tell something...I wasn't dying to get on the dance floor.  I was having more fun watching all the Whitmore cousins (and Uncle Scott, haha) dancing the night away.  The Whitmores owned that dance floor!  I went out with Charlotte but I think it scared her.  She was content dancing in her chair.  Then "Let It Go," from Frozen was played and she got really excited.  It was a very happening reception!

The happy couple
Hanging out with my man
The Grand to Greece!
 After the reception, the party didn't stop.  A bunch of us went to a local pizza place and hung out chit-chatting for a while.  Charlotte was on a sugar high, so she was going crazy.

The next morning, we went around the city to explore.  Luckily, we had all been to DC at one point, so we weren't dying to get anywhere...well, except Georgetown Cupcake.  We hit a couple hot spots.  The Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial.  


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