Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

I love when Father's Day comes around. I've always had such a great relationship with my dad, and I always looked forward to my daughters relationship with her dad. Little did I know I would have one child and it would be a girl. I love the relationship Charlotte and Josh share. The best part of the day is when Josh pulls up to the driveway, I open the door for Charlotte and she RUNS out yelling, "DADDY!"  Then there are the moments the two of the gang up on me...bedtime! Every moment the two of them share is so special. I love that Josh has a soft heart, that he shows his family his emotions, and he is willing to do anything for his little baby girl. He will have many years ahead of him full of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, coaching her sport teams, and shopping for school dance dresses. Thank you Josh, for being the best father you can be to Charlotte. We both love you and your dedication to our family! 

I'm so glad I got to be with my dad recently. We always make great memories when we are together. And who can forget the longest daddy/daughter date we shared for two weeks? Not us! Thank you for always being there to love and support us and teaching us constantly! I love you!

Happy Father's Day to the other fathers, my dad, my grandfathers and my father-in-law. Your examples to Josh and I are wonderful and we hope you have a wonderful day!! 

A big thank you to Treat. for the Father's Day cards this year. It was so fun add pictures and my own message in each card! 

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