Thursday, June 12, 2014

Uptown Girls

As you have probably caught on by now, DOWNTOWN Charlotte is actually called UPTOWN.  There are a couple theories, my favorite being they wanted to sound more swanky to attract people to come.  Love that.  Well, we do go!  Josh's current client is in Uptown, so on Wednesday, we went with my parents and met up with him for lunch.  We felt bad he was having to miss out on all the things we were doing, so that was his one event he got to be apart of.  We didn't go anywhere exciting, Jason's Deli, but it was close and everyone can find something they like.  
Afterward, we also went to a couple museums and showed my parents ImaginOn, the coolest children's library!  

Overall, it was a fun-filled day. The very next day, Charlotte and I went back to ImaginOn for play group. We met up with our friends for storytime and the Fairy Tale exhibit. And of course, met up with Josh for lunch at Moe's! 

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