Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Visitors Galore!

Last Monday, we got our first mom! She stayed until yesterday morning and it was really fun! She helped with Charlotte and was here when we added a puppy to the mix. She also helped a ton with some home stuff I had been putting off. Charlotte also started a "mommy and me" gymnastics which was a lot of fun! 

The first dog we were supposed to get...until he tested positive for Parvo :(

At gymnastics! (No picture during the class because I had to put all my stuff down)
Love the leotard!
We finally brought home a puppy!

Friday morning, Tahnee and Tyler flew in. We had lots of fun with them while thy were here. We did dinner and a Charlotte Bobcats game on Friday night when Josh got home from work. We got free tickets for the Monday night game as well but never ended up making it.

Saturday, all of us went to the U.S. National Whitewater Center for the St. Patrick's day celebration. They turned the river bright green. It was basically a huge party. Everyone was sitting around drinking beer and eating. We want to go back and take a picnic and do some of the activities. Anything outdoorsy you can think of, they have it; from rafting to zip lines to walking trails.

After we went to the outlets and did a little impulsive shopping :) 

Sunday was super rainy and gloomy, we played hookie from Stake Conference and went to tour a couple model homes around us. We live in an up and coming area of Charlotte so there is a TON of new construction where we live. And of course, found my dream house. We went to lunch at this burger joint by us that is my new favorite place. Their shakes are amazing. I think we went a total of three times while everyone was here! New date night place! 

Monday, Josh had to go to work, sadly, so I left Charlotte with my mom and Tahnee, Tyler and I went to the NASCAR Hall of Fame museum. It was so much fun! A little pricey, but I'm glad I've done it once. It was very interactive with simulators and other activities to do. It started out with a movie of the history of NASCAR. Now I feel very un-American for never watching. I have a gained a new respect for the sport and now that I live in the South, want to start watching it (a little). 
Best time of the day! 10 seconds.
In the simulator, we all raced each other (with more people) and I got 3rd place.  I was a little proud.
Inside a semi that transports the race cars.

Monday night we hung around the house. Everyone's last night :( 

Tuesday morning, I took my mom to the airport at 5:30! When I got back I fell asleep until 10:00! Holy cow! After we all woke up (around the same time), we got ready and went for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It is seriously one of the best places to eat and sooo southern!

The rest of our day consisted of a mall tour and relaxing at the house. 

We are missing our guests!!  Charlotte and Patty the puppy are going through attention withdrawal!  I loved having my family here and I really needed it. Sometimes it can get a bit lonely and I can be a little home/family sick. I can't wait until I see them again in May when we all meet in Orange County. Thank you for coming and our door is always open to those coming to North Carolina!! 

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