Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our New Home

As you all know by now, Josh and I are moving to Orange County in just a couple weeks.  I had been looking for places to rent for a couple months now (yes, I'm a planner) and we had a place basically land in our lap.  I was really excited about the location and square feet and being able to make it ours.  Well, this week some things fell through and we knew it was the best decision to just find another place.  I instantly got on the internet and looked up rentals.  On Thursday, I came across an apartment complex that is in my ideal location, in our budget, and still 10 miles from Josh's office.  I told my parents about it and yesterday they went to check it out for us.  They liked it a lot and told us that we would really enjoy living there.  We immediately filled out an online application and our move-in date in August 18.  It's not ideal, just because we wanted to go straight there instead of having to unpack everything twice, but the unit we want isn't available until then.  So it will be worth the wait.  My mom said that the secondary bedroom is huge!  I'm glad because that's where the baby will sleep and where our guest room will be (for all you that better come stay with us)!!  I am really excited about our new home and have already been trying to figure out the decor and furnishings.  I am a little obsessed.  Here is a picture of our new floorplan:
I love that it comes with a refrigerator, washer and dryer!  What a relief we don't have to buy those appliances right now!  The floorplan is perfect for what we need, love the two walk-in closets, two full bathrooms, and it's on the first floor!!  Who's going to be our first guest??


  1. I love it Tiersha! I would LOVE to be your first guest!!! Congrats on finding a place!

  2. We will be your guests! Although - we probably won't be your FIRST guests! That floor plan looks great!

  3. Oh I'm so excited for you guys!! I love having a fresh start in a new home :) And we would love to be your first guests!! We'll see what we can do!