Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Gear and So Much More

Josh and I are trying to wrap our heads around how much stuff we have to buy upon our arrival to southern CA.  The list gets longer each day, I feel like.  We finally have a set date of when we are leaving, August 2.  My dad is going to help drive down since I'll be almost 8 months pregnant and I am so tired these days.  We booked the moving truck today and have so many things we need to get done.

Last night, we bought the rocker!  It is from Costco and we are thrilled to finally have that off the list.  Don't mind my face, I was in mid sentence.  It's in the box and we are going to leave it there until we move into our new place.  It will most likely be in our front room rather than the nursery due to space.  It's ok...I don't mind.  I have thought about this purchase more than any other purchase.  I can't wait to have my little baby fall asleep in my arms on this chair!  If you are close to a Costco, go check out how comfy it is.  You will fall in love.  

I have also received one of the two diaper bags I ordered.  The first one is from Pottery Barn and I loved it.  But then Nordstrom had their early-access sale and got a new print in as well.  I know they look extremely similar, but I need to figure out which one I'm going to keep and which one I'm going to return.  What do you think?


We also have our crib.  Well actually, a girl in Anaheim who got it on the Ellen Show has our crib.  It just arrived about a week ago and we will pick it up the night we get into CA.  I can't wait to set it all up!!

Our stroller is also in a box in CA and I am dying to get it assembled and play with it!

We also purchased a couch from my aunt and uncle (our first couch) and a coffee table off Craigslist (which we haven't seen but have only heard good things about it).

You may think we have bought a lot so far, but we still have so much more to go.  I can't wait to get everything in the new apartment and decorate.  I am just dying to get everything under one roof...MY roof!!


  1. So glad i found your blog! i totally know how you feel. we just barely finished getting all our purchases for the baby (stroller, changing table, car seat, bedding, changing pad, rocking chair, baby bath, etc etc etc ...the list is ENDLESS!) Even though we got everything on my original list, we STILL have a list of last little items that i keep adding to. I hope your pregnancy is going well! Oh and i'd definately pick the pottery barn one.

  2. oh the endless list! :) i love that we are in such similar places in our lives right now... i'll be moving soon too and the fact that we are both awaiting our first babies (that are both girls) it's like we're little and playing house all over again! i'm having a tough time finding a rocker i like, that one from costco looks so nice and cozy! i love both bags, they are so similar, i say keep whatever one was less expensive! looks like you are doing great with planning and getting everything together- way to go!