Thursday, July 26, 2012

32 Weeks

I cannot believe I'm at 32 weeks! I totally forgot until today when I started getting app notifications and emails. It's so fun!

Not much has changed. I am feeling Chiquita more than ever and she is quite the acrobat! I having a hard time bending over because one of her limbs is always in my ribs! My bodily functions are out of control (sorry in advance) and I try to take a nap or rest after work each day.

Yesterday in the mail I received the crib sheet! Holy moly, I'm obsessed!! It's the ONLY one Josh and I could agree on and the ONLY thing we are splurging on for our new apartment. I went to Target to color match with it and, of course, forgot it at home. But I found a few comforters for the guest bed. Anyway, back to the baby... I just want to get to California and set her cute little room up!!

Yesterday, Josh received a gift in the mail (see picture below). He is excited to take her to baseball games and get her more gear!

That's it for now in the baby world of the Whitmore's!

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