Friday, May 25, 2012

23 Weeks

I know the last post wasn't exactly a week ago, but I want to try and document more frequently.  Yesterday was 23 weeks and I feel like I am getting bigger and bigger.  But I actually like having a baby bump.  I like being out of the awkward phase and people knowing for sure I am pregnant rather than I just ate too much.  Most of you know when I gain weight, it goes to my face.  So I have come to grips with my face being super fat for the next few months.  Gotta love it ;)

I know most of you don't want to hear this, but I need to document this for my own remembrance...I love being pregnant!  I still have not felt sick once!  Besides not sleeping super great, I can't complain about anything.  The worst that is happening is my left ankle swells up like everyday.  By the next morning it goes back down but sure enough, swells back up.  When I'm not at work, I try to prop it up as much as usual. 

I also have felt the baby a little bit this week.  It's pretty subtle, but if I am sitting perfectly still, I can usually feel some movement.  I am so in love with this little girl already!  I just want her to come out and play!

My wedding ring hasn't been worn for a couple weeks now.  It's really sad.  I look at it everyday, wishing I could wear it.  This morning I decided I was going to wear it for the cruise (we are leaving this afternoon).  I put it on and once it got to my knuckle, it was stuck!!  Like, REALLY stuck!  The only direction it could go was further down on my finger.  I don't know if I should try and get it off or just leave it there.  I'm worried it will cut off circulation or something, especially going to hot weather this upcoming week, my fingers are just going to swell more!  I need to Google some ideas to get it off.

We are leaving for our cruise today right after Josh is done with the first CPA exam (there are four total).  He has been so dedicated and disciplined about studying.  He is a little nervous (who wouldn't be) but I know he'll do just fine.  He needs this cruise to unwind and just have some fun!  We are both looking forward to it.  But what's a trip down to California without going to Disneyland?  Don't worry, we are going tomorrow!!  I hope my ankle lasts a while. 

One last thing, not related to pregnancy....Jess and Trent (Josh's cousins) and their son, Aiden, made a trip to Utah last week.  It was so much fun to see them.  We hung out a couple times during the week.  I am so sad that we aren't going on the Whitmore Reunion cruise this August, mainly because we never get to see Jess and Trent.  So I was more than thrilled when they were able to come here.  It always makes me sad though, when we have to say good-bye.  But luckily, Tahnee and Tyler are moving to Arizona and I can make trips to see the Knuckles whenever I'm in town!!

 (This is what we look like with a baby!!  So crazy to think our pictures will have a little one in all of them soon!)

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  1. You are so sweet!! And I love that picture with you, Josh, and Aiden! Also you look amazing in the first picture! And you seriously already look a little bigger than when I just saw you last week - I love it! You are definitely a cute pregnant lady :) I hope Josh feels good about his CPA exam - he's such a smartie I'm sure he'll do great! And have a FANTASTIC time on the cruise! You both deserve it!! Miss you guys already!