Wednesday, May 9, 2012


How many field trips have I gone on and they still haven't stopped! Today I went as a chaperone to the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City with Tahnee's fifth grade class. It was so funny being on the other side...not the young, immature student. I had a group of six girls and they were really good. We walked all around this huge museum that went through prehistoric times, early humans, earth, sky, and life. Each student had a packet of questions, but being in my group, they didn't need to worry too much about finishing it ;) I would be the worst teacher ever! Towards the end, they were getting hungry and that's all I heard for an hour. I was surprised how many kids don't eat breakfast. That's the most Important meal!! Overall it was fun and I'm glad I could go; but did I really act like they did in fifth grade and look that young? I guess so, but i feel like I have been this height my entire age haha. Oh well :)

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  1. oh if only i knew where the pictures were from our 5th grade field trips!! what fun memories! haha good times for sure!