Wednesday, June 6, 2012

24 Weeks

While I hit my 24 week mark, I was sailing the ocean blue on a Mexican Riviera cruise.  So I thought I'd put it up now (Even though tomorrow is 25 weeks). 

Well here I am, getting bigger and still feel great.  I really do feel blessed for having never been sick once.  Being 24 weeks brought on some new issues.  1) I really wanted to wear my wedding ring on my cruise.  I haven't worn it for about 2-3 weeks prior just because I was getting nervous I wouldn't be able to ever get it off.  But I got a little vain and wanted to take it on my cruise.  So the day we were leaving, I slid it on.  Soon as I pushed it over my knuckle, I knew I was in trouble.  Long story short, I thought I would have to get it cut off (I actually called the local jeweler and asked if they had the tools to do so), tried everything I could think, but after my finger turned purple and puffy, I finally got it off.  Phew!!  So that issue...sausage fingers.  2) Another thing that came up was my feet started swelling and it's bad!  Having a heart condition, I have to keep an eye on my swelling more than the next prego lady.  Especially when both feet swell up, which they finally did.  My left foot gets much bigger and is in constant pain.  But Josh keeps telling me that if this is the worst thing, I'm in good shape.  I feel really bad since I can't do a whole lot...I lay down with my feet propped up as much as possible which makes him have to do most everything, but he is such a great sport and keeps telling me that it will all be worth it.  I am so grateful for an understanding husband.  I upped my water pill prescription which definitely helps the swelling go down.  3) Chiquita is kicking...and Josh has felt her too.  He got really excited and it was such a tender moment for me to see his face light up.  He has started putting his hand on my belly a lot more and I love it.  He always is so concerned about her and how I'm feeling.  It's a new side of Josh I am seeing and I am trying to cherish every moment of it.  Her kicking is so weird but it's great at the same time.  It always catches me off guard but I am feel at peace knowing that she is growing and active!  I absolutely love being pregnant and who knows, if delivery goes this well, I just might be popping out another soon after ;)


  1. I can't wait for Steve to be able to feel the baby too! I can feel it but he can't yet!

  2. i am so happy for you that you are loving being pregnant so much. i am definitely a bit jealous and wish i could relate. haha but, even with the jealousy- the happiness for you out weighs that! what a fun adventure!