Thursday, May 3, 2012

According to my iPhone

I've seen many posts where people put their iPhone pictures up. I was just looking through mine and thought some are blog worthy. So here is the last several months according to my iPhone!
Baby Tess a couple weeks old
Gracee and William at the Irvine Spectrum
Deliciousness in a cup
Jazz game...thanks Yvonne!
Josh and William favorite
Red Velvet Chessecake- Cheesecake Factory

BYU Lost and Found Sale
Tanner's half-time show- about 100 old women dancing!
Announcing to the world we are expecting!
Awful Waffle
Disneyland at Christmas time
First Ultrasound
Park City date night
Disneyland with the twins
Josh...being Josh
First bump picture- need to take more
Muhammad Ali museum in Louisville
BYU Graduation lunch

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