Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2nd Year Anniversary

Yesterday marked mine and Josh's second year anniversary.  I seriously cannot believe I'm married at times and not only that, but that I married a wonderful person.  Yeah, the mushy stuff (once a year people).  It actually turned out nothing how I imagined it.  The day was pretty normal.  Josh and I G-chatted while we were at work (the usual) and then he left to go home.  Right now, Josh is studying for the CPA exam at least five hours a day...so I thought he was going home, little did I know he shows up at my work and gives me my anniversary gift!  Spa package and he had booked a night at the Marriott City Creek for this weekend!  I was shocked actually.  (Later that night he told me we're going to "shop til we drop" at City Creek this weekend.  I will hold him to that!)  Then we went on a romantic lunch to McDonald's haha.  It was fast and we had free coupons...don't worry, we went out for a nice dinner later.  Once I got home, I gave Josh his gift.  I have been more than excited to give this to him.  He's been talking a lot about golf these days, so I thought I would do some research and get him a pair of REALLY nice golf shoes.  When he opened them, he wasn't as excited as I was.  Let's just say, there were a lot of tears (yep, from the emotional, pregnant basket case).  Josh felt really bad, but I will be returning them :(  Sad day!  We finally made it to dinner...Carrabba's.  Yum!  We just were there last week for graduation, but I was craving it again.  I got the sirloin and Josh got the lasagna and Parmesan chicken.  We skipped dessert at the restaurant and went to The Chocolate.  We shared a Cazookie (Pazookie wannabe) and took some pictures.  Once we got home, I went into a food coma, Josh studied more and worked out and that concluded our anniversary.  I am very much looking forward to this weekend and really celebrating.

Thanks Josh for the great gifts, the past wonderful two years and I look forward to all eternity with you.  You're the bomb.com!!    

 Josh stuffed

Sugar cookie to go


  1. Haha, I love that you call Josh the bomv.com!! i call Thane that too! :) I love that Josh is so sweet to you! Have so much fun on your lttle get-away! :)

  2. Also, I meant bomb not bomv! Whoops!