Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Not on Labor Day

This weekend has been so relaxed and....relaxing seems to be the only word that describes it. Saturday, Josh and I went shopping. But this time it was all for Josh. We wanted to do all his birthday shopping this weekend and hit the sales. We have been very tired (and bored) of the plain t-shirt look. He still needs a "signature" look, so he chose to switch to the button-up look. He has gradually eased into it, but now is going in full-fledged. He looks good (if I do say so myself). We looped around to Nordstrom Rack in Sugar House, Fashion Place Mall in Murray, and then back home- with a stop at Golden Spoon (thanks Groupon). That night we babysat Eli. Meg came over and let's just say, he liked her better than us :(

That night I finally organized my color. It looks so much better and easier to find things.

Sunday was a lazy day. So nice just hanging out with Josh again. I think we literally sat on the couch the whole day. It's nice to have days like that every once and a while :)

This morning we went to Kneaders for breakfast, got some jeans hemmed for Josh and then I went to Savers with Meg. We got some great deals. I love these capris I got at Savers a little bit ago. Second hand stores are awesome. And then when they have a 50% off sale, getting a cute winter skirt for $2 is hard to beat!

We ended our day with a BBQ at Jon and Kari's and snow cone from Surf and Slurp. Yum! We are not looking forward to school tomorrow. Having days off are so nice, but we know it can't last forever. Back to our daily routine's tomorrow. We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and was able to relax a bit.


  1. Eli loves you guys too! We had so much fun with you and Josh yesterday! And LOVE your $2 pants!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend!! I organize my closet by color too :) By the way, I love, love, love that you have us on your list as "trent and jessica and baby boy" BAH!! Tiersha, I am in my third trimester now and I'm kind of totally freaking out!! Why are you not pregnant with me so that I can relate to someone?? haha. Although, I just remembered that Rach is pregnant so I have her at least :)