Friday, August 20, 2010

The Many Colors of Josh

I would just like to take a moment and talk about my husband. Some of you might not know Josh very well, or at all, but no matter how much you do not know him, everybody knows that I have married the most simplest person on the face of the earth.

Exhibit A: Today, while putting some laundry away, I opened up Josh's drawer full of t-shirts. They were all over the place, nothing folded...just chaos. Josh doesn't mind wearing wrinkled clothes and I don't push the matter. But today I had had enough with the t-shirt drawer being over-stuffed and decided to be a great little wifey, and pull out all the t-shirts and fold them. Little did I know, there was a whole other drawer with MORE t-shirts. Please examine the below pictures carefully:

There are two piles here...solid color t-shirts and solid color polo's. How many solid color t-shirts you ask does Josh own? There are 18 displayed here, this does not include the red one he wore to work for causal Friday and the hunter green one that is in the laundry hamper = 20. Now, I have made this observation before, but it just cracks me up that whenever he is out shopping, he ends up buying the same thing just in a different color. Aww, what a simple, low-maintaince man I have fallen in love with. Now there is one striped polo thrown into that pile (watch out). He rarely wears it, even though it looks great on him. I can't even buy anything for him when I go shopping because he has every color already :) Some of the shirts also have stories I am sure you are just dying to know...

Teal- Wore on the day we became officially a couple!

Pink- Wore the day before Black Friday last year when my dad invited him to go ride the 4-wheelers and he told him he was going shopping all day with me. My dad was a little and the pink shirt.

White- It's a V-neck and only wears it with his swim trunks. I think it looks so good and I beg him to wear it somewhere other than to the pool. He has yet too.

I just thought I would share this funny thing about my hubby with you all.


  1. Haha that's awesome! I'm glad you fell in love with him too... What a great guy!

  2. I think you are so funny to notice! lol.

  3. This post cracks me up... now that I think about it, all I ever see Josh wear is plain colored t-shirts! Too funny.