Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Promised Pictures

Friday night, Meg, Tahnee and I went to the American Fork Hospital for the "Girl's Night Out" event. We were so lucky to start the evening off with listening to Stephanie Nielson talk about hope. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Earlier that day, I had been complaining to my ever-so loving husband about how I just don't feel good about how I look and complaining about what us women do best...looks, weight, blah, blah, blah. Then Stephanie talked about how more than 80% of her body had burned in a plane accident and how it took her six months to even look at her own face. Shortly after then is when her four kids came to visit her in the hospital and her oldest daughter took one look at her, looked back at the floor and walked outside. It was a while after that heart breaking experience she would look at her again :( She talked about how it was such a difficult time in her life and that she will continue to have surgeries on her entire body for the rest of her life (most likely). How it took her a long time to accept what she looked like and that the accident happened. But admist all of the horrible things that happened, she talked about how she is so grateful she is alive. That she can zip her kids carrots in zip-lock baggies everyday, that she can watch her kids grow up, that she can hike the Y, that she can be with Mr. Nielson (her husband), and so many other things. One example I thought was really funny, was that they had to take the skin on her scalp and put it on her forehead; she said, "It doesn't even wrinkle! There are blessings that have come with this!" She has a very positive outlook on life NOW. I can relate to her on so many levels. It is really hard going through such life-threatening changes, but looking back on all of my challenges, I can really see the blessings that have come from them.

The rest of the evening we enjoyed free food, ice cream, massages, and other pampering. We received coupons that we look forward to using for other pampering services. We were there from 6-9 pm and it was a blast...and it was FREE!

Friday night, Josh, Meg, and I went and saw the "GLEE" 3D movie. Josh will tell you it was better than he thought. I loved it (of course I was singing to EVERY song). Afterward, we introduced Meg to Golden Spoon. Thank you Groupon!

Saturday, I started my new Pilates class. I for sure thought I'd be the only one who has never taken the class and the most out of shape. Nope. I felt right at home :) My instructor was awesome and I look forward to having this class all semester. Then Josh and I cleaned and took a bunch of stuff to Plato's Closet. $48 baby! That's the most we've ever made there!! Since we had some cash, we decided to treat ourselves to J. Dawg's. I love this place. It is the perfect summer meal...sitting on the grass, under a shaded tree, and enjoying our last Saturday of the summer.

The rest of the day we went to Seven Peaks with Meg. Tahnee and Tyler met up with us later. We ended the night (and kept our musical movie theme going) with "High School Musical 3." Apparently I was a lot more tired than I thought, because I feel asleep (again...real surprise) mid-movie. The last thing I remember hearing was Meg say (laughing), "Is she really asleep?" Sorry...

Josh and I wanted to do something fun today (our last day of summer). After church we went to Temple Square. Josh pointed out how we were just in New York where the church all began and today we were in SLC where the church was established. Pretty cool.

Can you believe my iPhone camera took this pic? It's gorgeous!

Here is my new skirt from Savers (local thrift store). I am going to start shopping at second-hand stores more :)

Tomorrow starts the first day of our last fall semester. This next semester is going to FLY by. Wish us luck!!

Stay tuned for the red pants craze...I joined!


  1. Tiersh! You are beautiful! I love those temple square pictures! Also, lets go to Savers next time I am in Utah! It sounds like my kind of store! :)

  2. Yay!! It actually let me comment this time!

  3. ahh to funny! I had gotten tickets to the Girls Night Out but didn't realize how far it was from Ogden, so I had to forfeit my tickets. Glad to hear it went to well and she was so inspiring!