Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Joshy!!

It's Josh's BIRTHDAY!! We are once again the same age :) We met up for lunch at Panda Express and then all the fun began when Josh got home. Meg was here to watch open presents.

Look familiar (same gift bags as last year)

Umm...this is me sporting my red pants. I joined the craze. Meg had hers on today, too. I'll have to get the picture we took together from her. I'm blinking, but it looks kind of freaky. Neilson's have the worst Red Eye.

Meg got Josh Cafe Rio and Cold Stone gift cards.

Josh loved all the gifts from my parents, Tyler and Tahnee and his parents as well. We are going to the fair tomorrow and will continue the celebration! I love you babe. Hope your day was fun.


  1. Happy birthday! I love the Cramer picture! Freakin awesome!