Sunday, September 18, 2011

Utah State Fair 2011

We all remember the time Josh and I went to the Utah State Fair two years ago while we were dating. We got together with Preston and Kasey and went again this year! The only difference...we are all married now! It was a lot of fun. We went during the day, so it was a little warm, but we enjoyed some pizza and frozen lemonade and came back to our place and had ice cream. Yeah, it was a junk food day! I tell ya, fairs bring out all walks of life. It was so interesting to see all the crazies Utah has to offer. The four of us went on the ferris wheel (Preston's request). I have never been nervous to go on a fair ride until yesterday. I was almost in tears (behind the sunglasses). There is something about going on a ride that was set up within a few hours. It made a lot of noises, noises that I never hear at Disneyland :) We survived the ferris wheel and soon as it started going my nerves settled.

Later that night, Josh went to watch the (awful) BYU vs. Uof U football game, while Kasey and I went to the mall and did some shopping. Then we picked up Preston and went to Zupas. Yum! It totally hit the spot. Thanks Kasey and Preston for babysitting me last night. I met up with Josh and talked with Jordan and Dane til like 12:30 am. Love them.

Just another quick photo...meal after church (Linner?)

Grilled chicken, cheese and ham with sweet potato fries and fry sauce. Amazing.

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