Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Potty Training. Done and Done!


I am a little slow getting around to posting about potty training, but I'm here now!  Last week, we put ourselves on "house arrest" and Charlotte started (and finished) the dreaded potty training!  

I was SO NOT looking forward to it.  I kept putting it off and then the holidays came.  I wanted do it when we had absolutely no plans.  We got back from Washington D.C. on Sunday, January 11 and went to Target the next day to do our routine weekly grocery shopping AND all of the essentials for this big girl!

We came home, washed her new panties and started her chart.  What I don't have photographed is the candy jar I bought at Goodwill that I filled with M&M's.  At first I was asking her every five minutes if she had to go, then I started setting the timer, but when it would go off she didn't have to go.  I would force her on the toilet and she would just scream.  The next day too, but by late Tuesday, she would tell me and willingly sit.  Each time she went on the toilet, she got a sticker on her chart and got to put a penny in the candy machine.  She loved it.  When she had an accident, she sat in her room for Time Out.  She did not love that!

As much time as I was around the house, you'd think I'd be motivated to do lots of house work.  But it was quite the opposite.  I got back into my workout routine and got lots of good snuggles.

Trying on my dresses my grandmother made me...and showing her panties!

Doing crafts with mom...pantless!

Thursday was her first full day of no accidents!  Every time she needed to go, she would tell me.  There was a preschool fair going on right across the street from our house, so I thought it would be a good first time out in public.  We were gone about 30 minutes and she did great!   Then later I thought, Target? Again, awesome!  That night when Josh came home, we went out for ice cream to celebrate! 

Saturday we were gone all day.  One of our stops was the mall and I was so excited to use the little toilet in the family bathroom.  I know, weird, but it was so fun! 

I was so worried about Sunday and nursery.  But much to my surprise, she walked in all by herself and didn't look back.  I brought a pull-up but another mom confirmed that she didn't need it.  In the beginning of our third meeting, the nursery leader came in to get me and told me Charlotte needed to use the bathroom.  I took her, she went and ran back into nursery yelling, "I'm back!!"  

I've been trying to encourage her to go by herself.  I want her to learn I'm not always going to be there to help.  I mean, right now I will, but in preschool I won't!  Today she had an accident.  When we are at home and she tells me she has to go, I tell her to go to the bathroom and go!  I think she just couldn't get her panties off in time.  I will take some of the blame.  Other than that, it's been perfect!  

I can't believe how much I dreaded this and that she was good within FOUR days!  What?! 

Oh my little girl is growing up.  It's bittersweet.  And I love not having to carry diapers and wipes in my purse!!  

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